Friday, May 28, 2010

Home sweet home

We're HOME! And it feels amazing. The ride didn't go as smooth as I'd had liked it to, but it is what it is. Wyatt ended up waking up and screaming for an hour. I stopped the car twice to hold him and nurse him but nothing worked. Plus I was kinda freaked out to stop just anywhere. It's a tiny bit scary to travel alone with your baby. Everything feels potentially dangerous and I get a little paranoid. So I had to let him just cry, and it was so hard. His voice started to sound almost demonic. I felt terrible. But then he slept so solid for hours. I wonder if that's the trick to getting your kid to sleep through the night? Oh well, I'll probably never know because I have a backbone like a jelly fish.

How relaxing home can be...

I think Wyatt was happy to be home too. I know I was. I felt bad cutting my trip short, but I started to feel a little down and out of whack. I wanted to get back into my routine, even if it meant me being all by myself. Speaking of which, I'm going to look for some sort of baby group in my area. 

I bought three new bathing suits today from Marshall's. They're awesome and I can't wait to wear them. Tomorrow the pool is open at my apartments and I plan on getting Wyatt and I out there. And of course I will take pictures. 


  1. hendrix always cries like that in the car. its awful. every time we drive home from my parents...which is about 45 mins away...he screams. we tried stopping but it never works so now we just grin and bear it.
    beautiful pictures.

  2. I do not look forward to long car rides with Henry. He hates being in his car seat for a long time and every person driving even a little bit recklessly pisses me off. I totally know what you mean about it being scary to travel alone with your baby.

    Looks like it's so good to be home!

  3. i'm relieved to know that wyatt's not the only one. i keep hearing all these stories from people telling me that their kid will sleep as long as they keep driving. i was beginning to think that my son was a freak of nature.

  4. :) excited to see your pool pictures! I bet wyatt will have so much fun!

    I used to make a four hour drive all the time.. from the time adiyn was a baby.. and him crying sucked, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!


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