Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rub a dub dub

I'm sorry guys, but from here on out expect to see nothing but a ridiculous amount of pictures on this blog. I am officially addicted to taking pictures with this amazing new camera of mine. So here's some documented bath time this evening...

The rest of my day was filled with packing up stuff so my Step Mom can move to Kansas by Sunday. A lot of stress. It's getting done though, I guess.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow though. I'll be taking shots of Landon Jackson. He's a VERY energetic 1 year old and I'm kinda nervous about it. I don't know how blurry these shots are going to be.


  1. these pictures are amazing. i feel like im right there with you.

  2. your pictures are amazing!!! He is such a honey... love it!

  3. Love the photos! Wyatt is such a handsom little guy, I'm so glad you have an awesome camera to capture all of his beauty!

  4. look at that little foot!!!!!! these are great!

  5. I have such a charismatic nephew! Love.


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