Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Tomorrow I'm doing that retarded drive back home. I am so anxious to go. Why do I end up wanting to go home so badly? It's weird. I'm by myself in Virginia and everything, but I'm just so eager to get back. There's no one there waiting for me or anything. I REALLY miss my bed and my insanely luxurious bedding (a serious must have in my life). I've been sleeping on a very thin twin mattress (WITH WYATT MIND YOU). My back aches and I feel like I'm getting zero sleep. I'm so restless on that bed. I can't wait to sprawl out on my pillow top mattress with down mattress pad on top. AH. I MISS MY BED.

Anyway, I finally got Josh's address. He's doing good. Still haven't actually spoken with him yet.

These are probably not the most flattering, but I think they're AWESOME. Sam took them for me. I got so tired of jumping though. I hate being out of shape. I SWEAR WHEN I GET BACK HOME I'M GOING TO GET BACK ON WEIGHT WATCHERS/P90X. I promise you people. I'm sure you're ready for me to get back on the horse too.


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog. Your son is absolutely gorgeous, and I love your motivation to lose the baby weight. My son is 3 months, and I'm so not motivated!! I do complain about it a lot, but thats not taking the inches off!
    When do you usually the AM or PM? and what do you do with yoru son while you exercise? (need some tips)
    Oh and PS, where did you find that GREAT yellow bedding?!

  2. Oh and if you want to check us out, my blog is

  3. i love your pictures, yes i am jealous. you look like you're doing a heck of a lot better than me on getting back in to pre baby shape. good job!

  4. sarah and aaron, i didn't start working out until wyatt was 5 months old. so don't feel bad. i wasn't motivated either. my only advice really for the whole working out thing is just plan on being VERY flexible. sometimes i do it in the morning during his morning nap. but sometimes his nap is so short i end up not being able to get anything done. so i do it when he's put to bed. really, the easiest time is while he's down for the night. but sometimes i just want to relax at night, so i try to cram it in during the day.

    the bedding is from target of course!

  5. what do you mean by not so flattering?? these photos are so cool and you look gorgeous! cutest little man you've got there too!

  6. There is nothing like your own bed. No matter where I am, I end up missing my things and of bed.
    The pics are awesome and you look great! Take it easy and give yourself a break!

    Good luck with the drive home.



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