Friday, June 11, 2010

After his bath

Wyatt had a doctor's appointment today. It went generally well. He's 18 pounds and 26 inches long. Nice and normal and healthy. Although they said that his head was in the 75th percentile. That's sorta weird. I think his head looks rather normal. I guess it has to be big to encase that ENORMOUS brain that he has. Wyatt is smarter than YOU. (hehe, just kidding... sorta) A weird thing happened during the check up... The doctor and I were talking about nursing and stuff, and every time I talked about it or whatever, he kept looking at my boobs. Like, referring to them I guess? But it was way weird and awkward because he'd look at my boobs and then talk about nursing. I don't know. I'm reading into it I guess. But I felt super self conscious.

I snapped some pictures of Wyatt about 20 minutes ago. He had just gotten out of the bath and had that fresh and fuzzy look going. I love his hair straight out of the bath.

Now I'm just waiting for Wyatt to get sleepy enough to go to bed so I can do some P90X. I REALLY don't want to do it. I actually hate working out. I'd rather eat a tiny little meal once a day than work out...ever. I just do it cause I have to. :(((((((((


  1. haha well I'm sure that Dr. has had pleeeeenty of practice making the ladies wonder if he's checking out their boobs for fun or for the job! Hilarious..

    Wyatt is so fricken cute I wanna cuddle the shit outta him!

    Working out does generally suck... I'm right there with ya. But good that you're just doing what's best for you anyway!!

  2. aww Jess, i love that fresh and fuzzy look too! your pictures are so good! :) he's adorable.

  3. Getting a bike has been the best decision of my life..I don't feel like I'm working out because I am just riding somewhere. I just can't do actual "workouts". Too hard. I have to be tricked into exercising.


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