Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey guys!

I've been tagged a beautiful blogger award by Melissa and now I must share 10 random things about myself!

1. I love breast feeding so much that I literally become sad thinking about one day having to stop.
2. I try to walk to wherever I need to go (within reason).
3. I'm a military wife and I pretty much suck at it. I don't really make an attempt to be involved with the squadron and actually hate all things military (I of course respect it's members).
4. I ADORE thrift stores.
5. I secretly love to use the snot sucker on my son, despite his desperate pleas for me to stop.
6. If I have another son I'd like to name his middle name Phillip after my father.
7. I could make a meal out of finger foods everyday of my life.
8. I can't wait to move out to California when Josh is finally out of the military (almost 3 more years).
9. I hardly have to pluck my eyebrows anymore because I've been doing it since I was 11 and I think I've damaged the root. They pretty much never grown back. It's awesome.
10. Most days I don't wear make up because I'm usually a sweaty pig lugging around a baby and a diaper bag, walking to Target or something.

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  1. aww congrats on the award!

    :)) You are a beautiful blogger, and I loved all your answer esp. the snot sucker! I loved using it too! Is that weird? lol

  2. i totally am with you on number one! it is really awesome :)

  3. How can you suck at being a military wife? You just prepared him an awesome package! and you are raising a gorgeous boy!

  4. aw thanks sarah. i love my husband who is in a sucky situation. anyone would do that.


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