Monday, June 14, 2010

da da da da (gurgle, spit, blow raspberries)

I went to the Picture People today to get some shots of Wyatt taken. A huge disappointment. I have to be honest. I'm not just tooting my own horn here, but I'm pretty sure I've taken better pictures than they have (of Wyatt). But I felt pressured to buy some of them, so I did. After talking to my Step Mom and Mother-in-law, I decided to go ahead and ask for a re-do. I don't really want to do it, but I can't settle for these very boring, very terrible pictures. The guy who did the pictures was really not animated, and I'm pretty sure he was new. He didn't really engage Wyatt at all. 

Anyway, so, that's that.

But I did snap this picture today because I wanted to show you guys the measures that I take to keep Wyatt from falling out of the bed.

He gets wedged between a bunch of pillows. Unfortunately, he's really really used to this and I have a hard time getting him to take naps completely flat. Even his own bed is super plush and completely entraps him. It's how I like to sleep actually, so for me it was natural to let my baby sleep this way. I have a faux down mattress pad and a pillowtop mattress. I love cushion. 

Crawling is still non-existent. He's "managing" as I'd like to call it. It's a lot of rolling and sitting up and reaching and climbing, but no actual crawling. I really want him to crawl because he's pretty PISSED that he's not doing it either. Look at that face. Pure pissed-off-ness. It'll be awesome to barricade the house and let him play and stuff. He just wants to check stuff out so badly. As I type this he's trying to get to a huge wad of cable cords in the corner. Should I go get him and prevent an electrocution? Alright, fine.


  1. I used to work there..and I I hope that tells you enough. I literally worked at the one I am assuming you went to. They didn't give a crap about their yes I am sorry you went there. I hope the re-do session is much better. Ask if Ryan still works there..and if he does..I would highly demand he does them. He at least had been doing it for a few years when I was there, and he's our age.

  2. My mom got really disgusted at the Picture People. The people never moved or tried to work with Shane and Cameron. Only one time was Mom really satisfied, and the guy ended up moving and opened his own studio.


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