Monday, June 7, 2010


The past few days.


  1. Your baby is sooooooooooo adorable! :D

  2. Great pictures as always. That little girl is too cute. She looks like Wyatt, are they related?

    Ok, you have Wyatt facing the road while in the car. We still have Lily facing the other way like a newborn because they say you shouldn't flip them until they are one. It's been a discussion between my husband and I because we think she's ready to face out. I think we are going to flip her car seat.
    Same with bike seats, they say babies should be at least 1. We are going to get one soon. We miss riding our bikes together.


  3. yeah, i've been bad. wyatt isn't supposed to be facing out like that, but, WHEN YOU DRIVE FOR FOUR HOURS YOU NEED PEACE. he's a perfect little angel when i have him facing me. we can look at each other and talk and stuff. i don't know. i figure that if i were in an accident it wouldn't be good no matter which way he was facing.

  4. and that little girl is wyatt's third cousin!

  5. you are right as far as no matter which way you are facing, if you are in an accident, it isn't good.
    sometimes i feel like they should be specifying in inches and lbs.
    not every baby is the same size and weight when they are 1!
    i figured that little cutie was Wyatt's cousin. they are too cute!

  6. Fun! Love these pictures, they are all so summery!

  7. GREAT pictures. you are quite the photographer!

  8. oh i love all these! i wish i had that "photography eye"!


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