Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hey Wyatt...


I seriously just held my son until he passed his little self out. He just would not go to sleep. I don't understand why he fights it so hard sometimes. I mean, he's rubbing his eyes, crying out in desperation, and yet he still holds on to being awake. So I just held him in my lap and gently rocked him until he slowly drifted off.

Am I one of the only Mother's on this earth that actually gets ANGRY at the sound of her child's scream? I can't help it. I'm cool with general crying, but when he belts off SUPER FREAKIN' LOUD screams, I get irritated, and then it quickly morphs to being plain ole pissed. Of course I would never do anything to hurt my child, but I do think it makes the situation worse because he can sense my anger. I've been thinking that I would actually get some ear plugs because it's just the volume that makes me mad. And it's not just his cries, truthfully, I hate all loud noises. Just ask my family. I have freaked out on all of them from time to time.

God I feel like such a douche for typing that. Sorry world. I'm real. Man, I'm a jerk. Sorry guys.

This week has really generally been kinda sucky though.

Day 1. Bad picture day with Wyatt at The Picture People.
Day 2. SHOTS!!!!
Day 3. The aftermath of the shots.
Day 5. Still sick.

So, I guess it wasn't all that bad. But it felt kinda not good.

On a lighter note, my sister is coming down to see me this weekend. We plan on having a very low key, chill out kinda weekend. I'm looking forward to that.

(I swear I do love being a mother...)


  1. Honestly THIS is real! REALLY REAL! I wish I read more blogs like this before I had my son... because then I wouldn't have felt as crazy for having these exact same thoughts.

    Lots of bloggers only write about the good stuff.. sometimes I'm guilty of that..

    but sometimes being a parent can suck. Sometimes changing poopy diapers, getting puked on, having to leave parties or restaurants because your child is screaming JUST PLAIN SUCKS! and no one tells you that!

    Keep being real! We need some real-ness around here! YOu are normal! We all know how much you love Wyatt! :) Venting on here makes it easier to not vent around him! :) At least thats how it works for me!

  2. I have a sick baby too. I feel your pain. What I get irritated with is when I'm trying to get something done and she will not let go of me and fuss and cry and yell at me the WHOLE time. She is CLINGY! My first child was not like that at all, completely easy-going. Your honesty is refreshing. Some days are like that. But I think you already know it's worth it. Hang in there, sounds like you are NORMAL (:

  3. When Mimi is screaming in the car and I'm in traffic and stressed sometimes I want to yell back at her (as if it would help). I wouldn't ever hurt her either, but I've been angry. Any mom that says she has NEVER felt that way is just Fing lieing-plain and simple.

  4. You are NOT the only one who gets mad at baby's screams. We are starting to look at Lily and flat out tell her "NO!" when she does it.
    we forget they are starting to test us. they are so little that we forget that but they are SO smart!
    If she is crying because there is something wrong it's one thing but, screaming out of plain brattiness trying to come out...."NO!".

    She is also being harder to put to sleep these days. I think the older they get the harder they fight. They don't want to miss out on anything because there is so much they are trying to figure out.
    Babies have it tough sometimes.

    Have a great time with your sister and I hope you have a better weekend.


  5. I can completely understand where you are coming from. I don't know why these kids try and fight sleep so much. Sometimes I just let Camdyn cry in his crib until he passes out. I go check on him to make sure he's ok..but sometimes we know they need to sleep, even if they don't understand. I agree with everyone're just keeping it real and it's honest ya know? Enjoy time with your sister!


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