Monday, June 7, 2010

I love, love

My Aunt over at RTOACM posted this video in honor of her anniversary and I just had to repost it. It's so beautiful. I love when people aren't afraid to make fools of themselves for love. Do you have any romantic love stories you'd like to share? Even if it's not yours personally, I'd still like to hear about it. :)

I got to hear from Josh via Facebook this morning. He said he got something for me in Ireland when he had his layover there! Yay for presents! He says everything is good and that he's safe and has really great living arrangements with free WiFi. Super great. It'll make communicating with him easier this time around. Oh, and he says it's HOT. 


  1. That was so cool! What a sweet guy.

  2. I just saw this a couple weeks and cried. I know...what is wrong with me? Anyway, I loved it. Sooo much.
    The romantic stories that come to mind are pretty long (an not mine) BUT there are some good ones.

  3. HOW cute! Aidyn and I just watched it and were in love with it! HOW romantic!

    So glad you got to talk to Josh! :)) Glad he's safe!


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