Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just thinking.

Things I took for granted before I had Wyatt...

1. Sleeping in.
2. Getting ready in the morning and taking a long time doing it.
3. Not carrying 800 things at one time.
4. Going to the movies.
5. Shopping ALL DAY.
6. Late night snack runs.
7. Being out past 8 pm.
8. "Just running in" to a store.
9. Carrying a smaller purse.
10. Sprawling out in bed... alone. Or with my hunny.
11. Drinking.

Just reminiscing people.

(pre baby life)


  1. yeah... totally

  2. Agree to all of these things! I'd add "Showering just to relax" to that list though :)

  3. 11+ not having to worry about being hungover the next morning!

    I may have a sitter for the night, but the next morning is all me- and so not worth it!

  4. oh man i'm gonna soak up all the things on this list while i still can!

    totally off topic but a question: do you ever feel like setting your blog to private? because sometimes i feel like i have these "lurkers" and no one ever says anything! so that makes it even more creepy. i wonder how many of them i "know" and how many are "randoms" and then i can't help but assume they're being all judge-y. :o( i started this as a way to document the pregnancy and to make it easier for my friends and family to be updated without my having to answer the same questions over and over.. now i'm just feeling exposed and without any input, i can't help but assume the negative.

  5. I shall take all those things into consideration before I have kids. :)
    Cool picture, btw!


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