Monday, June 28, 2010

Manic Monday

I'm participating in a blog hop called Manic Monday from Mommy Elephants Everyday Adventures. I'm supposed to just post pictures from today, even if they're boring... and they are. And they're all from my camera phone (which I've edited).

I took this picture for my husband. I thought he would be amazed by this.  Frankly I am amazed with it myself. For so long there has only been Frito bean dip. I'm so excited that Tostitos has a dip now too.

I took this picture also for my husband. Our son is standing like crazy now (supported) and it's cracking me up. I truly believe Wyatt learned to crawl so he could get to the places that he wants to pull himself up on. He's obsessed with it.

This one is for me. :)

And then I took this video so Josh could see Wyatt crawling. Yay for Monday (secretly my favorite day of the week).


  1. What a good little crawler you got there!! Just wait..once they start standing the walking comes next! It's so fun!

    Wyatt is SO handsome, and I just love his name!
    Glad you could join us for Manic Monday, hope to see you again. :)

  2. :) So cute! Wyatt is such a hunk.. i'mjustsayin! I may just have to have a girl so they can get married!

    But first I should find a husband..

    thats kind of important..

    ohhh.. so how young do you think he'll date? Give or take five years? I think that'll be the going rate for this girl! :)

  3. fun! i just started Manic Monday today! okay my daughter just started crawling a few weeks ago and i swear all she does now is crawl around looking for things to pull herself up on too! its so funny! she has no interest in her toys anymore...just standing. It's funny to see them stand cause it kinda hits you that they are a real person, with legs :)

  4. oooh my gosh, bean dip sounds so good right now!! (so what if its 8 in the morning)

  5. there is nothing that keeps me from my favorite foods. not even time.

  6. i have an award for you at my blog!


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