Friday, June 18, 2010

Me = Moron

The weekend is not getting off on the right start I'm afraid.

I'm an idiot and left my car doors unlocked last night. So I guess that means I deserve the ransacking that pursued. I went to my car this morning to see the glove compartment emptied all over the floor and the trunk left open. The only thing stolen was my car charger, but to be honest, I have no idea what else was stolen. My car is kinda junky. I mean, if you were walking by my car in a parking lot and you were an evil robber, would you be drawn to the 2001 Volkswagen Passat with a car seat and McDonald's trash on the floor? Not me. Whatever. It's my fault. But I'm still pissed and I really am considering doing a stake out with my sister. I'm pretty sure this is the third time it's happened (another time I'm not able to prove but my car door was left ajar but everything looked normal inside). You'd think I'd learn my lesson... third time's a charm. I always forget to lock it because I'm from a small town and there's nothing in my car. Plus, when you're juggling a diaper bag, a baby, and whatever I just bought, I don't feel like walking back out to the car to lock it. I'm so annoyed right now. They broke my wedding dvd. How ignorant. I don't know if I can get another copy.

Uncle Donny, if you're reading this, do you guys still have the recording of Josh and I saying our vows?


  1. omg that sucks! g left the car doors unlocked last night too, we're just lucky nothing happened. our neighborhood is pretty sketch. ugh, people are so crappy. hope your weekend gets better :(

  2. I'm sorry... I hope things get better for your soon.

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  3. You should move!!! I remember when you wrote that all your husbands stuff were stolen! It's bad!!!

  4. That SUCKS!

    Karma is a BEEE-YOTCH!

  5. i'm sorry you had to go through such an invasion of privacy. it happened to me years ago. i was practically living out of my car and they left me with a pair of jeans and a bikini top (thanks!). they even took my journals that i been writing in daily for years.
    it sucks!


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