Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well, Wyatt is officially crawling! It's very exciting. I can tell that he's just now realizing his special ability. He's been getting into things a whole lot more today and I'm sure he's loving it. I guess I should start baby proofing and get all of my rat poison and razors off the floor.

Isn't being naked just wonderful? I often let Wyatt just go balls to the wall because I can tell that it feels good for him. He's extra energetic when he's in the nude it seems. Maybe it's freeing?

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  1. you take the best pics!! congrats on the crawling it is a very exciting milestone!! my daughter started crawling too & she seriously gets into EVERYTHING imaginable...its a little crazy haha...enjoy tho!!

  2. He has such a cute little booty! :) I love naked baby butts! They're just too stinkin cute!

  3. I wouldnt want to wear a pad everyday for two years I dont blame the kiddos when they go all crazy. I bet it sure does feel they look too darn cute!

  4. OMGosh! I love the picture of his baby booty. He is SOOOOOOOO cute! And seeing your adorable pictures always brighten my day. Hope that's not weird... XD

  5. corbin used to only do tummy time in the buff! haha all these pics of neked wyatt are too cute! and good job to him that he's CRAWLING! we still havent baby-proofed the house. i just follow him around everywhere...


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