Friday, June 25, 2010

New glasses

Ever since I was little, I remember trying to fake out eye exams in school. I wanted to wear glasses because I thought and still do think they're awesome accessories. I have been cursed with beyond perfect eye sight. Like, seriously. I can see for miles. I can see billboards WAAAAAAY before we approach them in the car. It's actually a little game that I play with my husband because I seriously can see things before the average person can see them. Okay okay, sorry for bragging about my amazing skillz, but seriously, just sayin'...

So, for us PERFECT people, we have to resort to fake eye glasses. Which is fine I guess because glasses are expensive.

What do you guys think of these from Charming Charlies?

And also, I want to know why this DEMON was in my toilet today?

And do you see the mini demon friend next to him? I hope their deaths were painful. I seriously screamed and ran out of the room. What if it had jumped up and bit me on the butt?!

I flushed them.

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  1. I'm not too happy about your perfect eyesight! Just kidding... sort of. Maybe you got all of the eyesight I was SUPPOSED to have. I have REALLY bad eyes.

    And, why was that in your toilet? I just got a chill.

  2. I am extremely jealous of your amazing eye sight. I was once perfect and in your shoes until I started working where I do. I'm chained to look at a computer ALLLL day. I really want to believe that this was the cause. Haha. The glasses are awesome! I want a pair, but real glasses are pricey.

    That bug is GROSSSSSSS! I eek'd when I saw that, lol. What is it?! I'm glad you flushed it down the toilet, where it belongs. Scary! :(

  3. the glasses are cute ;)
    the bugs are SOOOOO creepy! i am wishing i wouldn't have seen them! ICKY!

  4. aaaand i'm going to have nightmares. WHAT THE DUECE IS THAT THING?! you are being much more nonchalant than i would be about that thing being in my house. HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP.

    very cute glasses. BUT OMG THAT BUG. ::barf:: ::GAG:: ::heebiejeebies::

  5. IT'S A CENTIPEDE! i have a huge problem with these things lately. they're always hanging on in my shower and stuff. i've killed like 5 of them since i've moved into this apartment. it's not like you can buy centipede killer at the grocery store.

    the centipede in question was already dead in my toilet when i came upon it. it's like the hugest one ever. i wonder if he was peering over the side and accidentally fell in? maybe his evil little red devil friend pushed him in? and then felt so guilty he jumped himself? i don't know. they're both in hell now.

  6. I secretly wished for bad eyes when I was a little girl too.

    I was finally "blessed" with the need for glasses about two years ago. I went out to buy the most perfect pair of glasses. It had a little too much fun at that doctor's visit, that's for sure.

    BTW, that bug - holy shit!

  7. bugs are effing gross...esp. scary ones like that.

  8. OMG, I'm delurking to say WHAT'DA FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. That thing is AWFUL, I will never sleep again knowing critters like that exist.

    Found you through Heather (barely measured), our boyfriends used to be roommates. Love the blog!


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