Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Noah and the Whale - Give a little love

Feeling kinda sappy.


  1. Love this song so much, I had never heard it before now. I love your new blog layout/buttons too!

  2. i like the new pic and the new look of the blog. i've been wanting to change the colors on ours also and it's in the works but Will ( website administrator)has been too busy and i can't do it!
    the brown is starting to bring me down!!!!

  3. I like your tune,,, especially the line that says "Life is fleeting". After the year we've had, you know it's true.

    I like your new banner. I think it is more representative of your blog. You really are a Mommy Blogger,so highlighting Wyatt is perfect.

  4. Uhmm, what the HECK! Great song. Great banner. Great 'good blogs here'. Great new about me image. You're too great.


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