Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today pretty much sucked. Wyatt had a low grade fever all day. 100.8 isn't the worst temperature to have, but I could tell he was feeling really irritable. He took over 6 hours worth of naps. I'll probably be getting up at like 4 am tomorrow. Please Lord, let that not be true. I didn't get a lot of rest too though. I napped for 4 of those naps. He's still checkin' stuff out and playin', but he quickly has meltdowns and then we're right back to resting again.

 Okay, I'm finishing this post 2 and a half hours LATER. Not a good day (like I said). Wyatt just had a major meltdown as I was trying to put him to bed. It took me over an hour to lay him down for the night. He was so tired but he kept fighting it.

We did have a good few hours in between though. Here's some pics. Oh, and Wyatt is sitting on his knees now. He'll get himself situated after pulling himself up onto something and then simply... let go. It's so awesome! I think he's on his way to standing soon. He's still not crawling yet, but making every attempt to. He'll get it.


  1. He is too adorable!
    I hope he feels better tomorrow though! :)

  2. aw! that's the worst when they don't feel well. i feel so bad for them... :(

    did Wyatt have shots at the doc's appt or was it just a check up?

    Lily sometimes gets fever after she gets shots. also, he could be teething. does he pull on his ears?

    i love all the pics you took of him. he's so beautiful. such sparkle in his eyes.
    he looks more and more like you every day.

    hope you both got a good night sleep.


  3. that first picture is too cute! a little bundle of cuteness :)

  4. Oh :( Feel better little guy! Hope you get some sleep tonight too...

  5. aw, feel better soon wyatt! and good job pulling up and chillin' on your knees! im sure standing up is coming soon!


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