Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today was kinda bittersweet. I missed my Dad big time and found myself simply wanting to just call him up and say hey. It felt so unfair that I couldn't do that.

But I did get to talk to my husband today. A wonderful father to our son. That WAS nice. After I got off the phone with him I was inspired to make a little care package for him. So, here's what I'm sending off tomorrow...

Hopefully he'll like it.

1. New pic of Wyatt.
2. Candy, almonds, and gum
3. Magazines galore
4. Cheap magic trick toys and silly putty
5. Detergent
6. Glade automatic sensor spray
7. Deck of cards and...
8. Some Vanilla cupcake car scents (because the middle east is one stinky ass place)

So I'm pretty excited to send that off to him. I'm thinking he'll be stoked to get some good stuff. I really miss him.

Anyway, enough of that. More of this...

How on earth did my house become a kid zone? When I was pregnant I swore that I would never let my house get over run with dumb cheap kid toys. But yeah, I was wrong obviously. Ever since Wyatt became interested in toys I've been finding myself picking up junky kid toys from the dollar store or Target or even the grocery store. It cracks me up to see Wyatt excited about something new anxious to check it out. Oh, and this is just a corner of the living room. I have a huge closet full of junk in Wyatt's room too. Oh well, what can I do? I need to figure out a way to organize this so I feel like I'm living in a stylish yet sophisticated home. Your home doesn't really resonate sophisticated when you have a Tigger Johnny Jumper hanging from your ceiling.


  1. I'm sure he will love the package! At least Wyatt gets excited about toys. Lily couldn't really care less about them. I think she's already a book nerd.

  2. The care package looks pretty sweet. I enjoyed shopping for Levi..and are eager to be able to do it once again. Thought a lot about you guys today, I know it wasn't the easiest..but we sent love and hugs your way. Wyatt is such a hunk!

  3. i have stumbled upon your blog...and it is super fun! i will totally follow along :)

  4. Watched the Yankees game today and thought of him too - love you bunches. And my house has a whole room just for toys but they are everywhere!

  5. :) what a great fathers day package! I bet he'll just be psyched to get something from YOU and wyatt :)

  6. Nice care package, he's going to looove it! I swore the same thing before H got here and now he's only 5 months old and our house is already covered in baby crap. Today G and I were talking about how hard it's going to be to not buy toys for him. Ever since he has learned to reach for things it's been harder to pass up those toy aisles. Ahhhh!

  7. oh he is going to LOVE that care package. you are so sweet! our living room looks like a rainbow threw up in it too! its insane! but corbin has fun! :)

  8. the wooden cube storage unit from target. Pretty reasonably priced, and if you pull out just one drawer at a time like every other day or so, it's like he has new toys all the time, especially if you
    make a big deal and/or game of it


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