Tuesday, June 15, 2010

shots are a pain in the butt

Jeez, you guys don't know the meaning of cranky until you meet my son today. Holy freakin' cow. He got shots early this morning and it has been pathetic crying ALL DAY. I don't know if it's because his little legs are sore, or I don't know, whatever. I have to literally hold him and rock him. God forbid I put him down for a second. I probably laid in bed with him for 4 hours today. Isn't that insane? After the 4th hour I thought, I have to get up. He cannot sleep like this all day. So I made him get up, which was pretty much a huge mistake because he screamed like he was in pain.

On a side note, for some reason he had some sort of happiness/satisfaction from playing in the mirror. Sorry it's a cell phone pic.

My face in this picture looks funny because I'm amazed that he's happy just sitting there playing with a scarf in the mirror. This lasted probably 15 minutes.

He's in bed now. I feel guilty that I'm happy about this, but whatever. Being a mom sucks sometimes and I'm ready for a new day. :)


  1. That's sooo cute! Love that photo.

    At the grocery store I work at we have mirrors to see what's inside shopping carts better, and little kids always make faces at the mirrors and fall in love with them. Love to watch. :)

    Take care. I hope tomorrow's better than today!

  2. shots are pretty bad and i always feel bad for Lily. this last time when she went, she got 3. the nurse was so rough, she still has bruises from thursday.
    sometimes if she's running a fever i give her a little infant ibuprofen. it seems to help.

    don't feel guilty about being happy that he is sleeping. i'm always happy when Lily is out for the night. being a mom is the most challenging job. and i used to work retail!!


  3. Cute picture! Poor Wyatt and poor you. Days like these my boobs feel like they're going to fall off. I should probably figure out a better way to comfort my child, ha ha.

    Hope tomorrow is better!


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