Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sprout Baby food

So have you heard? Tyler Florence has his own line of baby food. It's all organic and actually good. Have you ever tried some of the stuff these companies put out and label "baby food"? Not very good. I gave my son baked sweet potato today and it was actually quite delicious. The cool thing about this brand is the way they're packaged.

Check out their site here.

They're in these cool little pouches, which I like. I don't know why really, I just do. Anyway, Wyatt really liked it too. I've noticed that he's becoming more and more anti-baby food and more interested in whatever I'm eating. It's just that I'm eating like, a pastrami sandwich so he'll just have to make due with this stuff. Oh, and just so you know, I do feed Wyatt other things besides pureed baby food.... but the pureed stuff just makes things easier. But, what I hate about most of these baby foods is that they make it way too thin. I end up having to chunk it up with some cereal or something. This stuff is really thick and really for older babies. I think most of the labels say for 7 months and up. It's filling which is great.

So here's some shots I took of Wyatt eating the stuff!

Did I really just write a post about baby food? Is this what my life has become? Ha.

And then of course later we worked out different theories to help stop the leak in the gulf. 


  1. I tried this brand of food once. I was wooed by the packaging concept, typically consumer that I am. I tasted one of them though, I think lentils mixed with something--it was kind of gross, but the other ones seemed okay.


  2. i think that angle in the bath tub pics is super fun - great shots!! i'm going to try that! uh, any advice, how you did it, so i don't kill myself trying? wide angle, step ladder, over the top?


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