Monday, June 21, 2010

This, I'm afraid... is how I look everyday. My hair usually sucks and I never wear make up anymore. It's depressing. I know I don't look all that awesome, but I just can't bring myself to waste my make up when I know I won't be seeing anyone or do anything that day. Is anyone else like that? Does anyone else see their make up as precious and therefore not waste it if no one will see you in it?

This is my fridge and also my daily reminder of what I need to do everyday. We're on a very strict budget lately so we can get a new car. I'm kinda hoping we can out and out buy a new car and just completely avoid unnecessary debt. If we play our cards right, we can get a new car after tax season. Exciting!

Should I give this whole Twilight thing a shot? My best friend's husband even likes it. That's impressive to me.


  1. You're so beautiful!!!

    As for Twilight.. the movie was terrible. Or are you talking about the books?

  2. I think you look pretty and awesome! AND, sigh... I agree with, "Why put on make-up... my baby doesn't care if I'm not wearing any."

    And, I enjoy the Twilight books, but the movies got a little to sappyish for me.

  3. You still look better than I do most days. At least you fixed your hair a little.

    I LOVE the twilight movies. I have the books but haven't finished the whole set.

  4. You are gorgeous even without make up! geez! I wish I could do that.. or even be brave enough to post a picture of me without make up! Yikes!

    Good job with your goals!

    I'm standing outside in a line for the midnight viewing of eclipse! So yes, I think you should give it a shot!

  5. i know exactly where you are coming from with the hair and make-up. my hair was always in a pony tail and that's why i cut it. as far as make-up, what is it? lol

    twilight, i haven't seen any of it but i'm kind of curious to see what the whole thing is all about. i do have a hard time with that girl kristen stewart. to me, she always looks like she's trying so hard to look like she's not trying hard.
    some of my friends read the books and loved them but who has time to read a book?

  6. I have literally watched Twilight and New Moon probably 13 times in two weeks. I absolutely love and adore Edward Cullen. I was trying to explain it all to my mom last night..and I told her it's the greatest and most beautiful love story. The second one is better than the first I will say..but I was stubborn as heck to watch it, up until two weeks ago..and now I am officially hooked. However..everyone says the books are waay better..but we're moms and don't have hours to read a 2 inch thick book series haha!

    As far as makeup goes...I just wear a very tiny amount of eye liner everyday and thats it. I don't care how people portray me, so I don't feel the need to look snazzy all day long. It's too damn hot to care about my look.

  7. i too wear my hair exactly like that every day that i dont go out...except its pulled back too so my son doesnt rip every strand out. and heck ya my makeup is precious. i only use it when i have to too!
    saving money sucks but its so important. just keep thinking "new car, new car, new car"
    and i havent seen a single twilight movie or read a book but even my mother is hooked. i dont get it. i have less than zero interest.

  8. give the books a try. The movies were egh. My husband likes the movies though. Which is really surprising to me. And you are one of those lucky girls who doesn't need to wear makeup. You look great without it. Seriously. :)

  9. You look great though! One of the things I have always loved about your blog is that it's just so real. Love!!!

  10. if you are ever the slightest bit obsessive, don't do it! LOL

    My sister has made me a die hard Harry Potter fan which dwarfed my Twilight fandom... but I still love me some Eclipse coming next week!!!

    BTW Thanks for the comment and I love you blog!


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