Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vince Mira

I must share this with you guys!

My sister thinks it's lame that I'm in love with this kid, but I don't care.

So what if I have a crush on him? He's awesome! And he's from Texas (my dream state, I would live there in a heartbeat)!


  1. no seriously courtney, i'm in love with all things texas. my husband had basic training and tech school there so he spent a good 6 months of his life there. while he was there i visited him 3 times for about a week at a time and i never wanted to leave! i love san antonio especially.

  2. I think you'd like Waco, Tx...I can hook it up! Ive got a lot of friends that live there. Im pleasantly surprised at how well this kid sounds.

  3. I've been to that alley with all the gum. It's in Northern Cali. Disgusting. But cool at the same time.


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