Wednesday, June 30, 2010

what's in my purse

Lacey tagged me over at her blog to share the contents of my purse. Check out her blog to see what's in her bag.

This is my purse. It's a Paperchase bag from Borders. It's literally just a big sack. No compartments really, nothing. I just throw crap in it and go. And I have sunscreen hanging off the side for just in case situations.


1. Diapers and wipes
2. Mole notebook and pen
3. A letter I need to send off
4. Pacifier in a plastic baggy
5. Deodorant and lotion
6. Two different types of insect repellent
7. Snacks for Wyatt (that random ball is a snack holder)
8. Paul Frank lip gloss
9. Wallet
10. Diaper baggies (the little bag with the polka dots)
11. Tide to-go pen
12. Loose change

And of course, while I'm trying to take these pictures Wyatt comes over and does his THANG.

I'd really think it was cool if you ALL did this. And if you do decide to make a post about the contents of your bag, would you please comment over here so I can know. I don't want to accidentally miss any of your posts.

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  1. cute bag! i can post about my bag contents too if you'd like..i'll put it at the end of my post today ;o) Wyatt is too cute... he feeling a lot better now?

  2. Lacey tagged me too, but I'm too embarrassed by the fact that I don't have a purse, to participate.

    I totally need a clip on sunscreen now, though.

  3. You are so organized. If I did this post I would loose half of my followers. Seriously, I find the weirdest s@!# in my bag all the time.

    Like, when did I go to Wendy's and why do I have FOUR of their straw wrappers?

    I'm gonna pass on this one ;)

  4. My purse is soo messy..but I shall do it too I recken.

  5. Man, I need a big purse. Mine is barely big enough to put my small phone & a point & shoot camera in. That + cards are all that's in it! It's cute and looks like a camera, though.

  6. i'd be scared to dump out my purse right now. maybe i'll play along later ;)

  7. What kind of amazing little snack holder is that? I feel like I need that.

  8. Ok, Wyatt doing his 'thang' all over your purse made my day - seriously.

    Thanks for playing. I enjoyed snooping. :)


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