Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another bath time photo shoot

I know this must be getting really boring, but it's like all we do. Hang out at home and take baths. I need some friend's. Dang.


  1. I love the perspectives of the first and fifth shots...and I think bath photo shoots are fun!

  2. oh my hell! Bring him to me!! He is soo cute.

    I wish you lived closer or maybe even in the same state? This totally sums my life up too.

    It's amazing how many friends you lose when you have kids. Kind of sad actually.


  3. He. is. adorable! I don't know about everybody else, but I love your pics. You always take from different angles and that makes it interesting. Besides, Wyatt is the King of Kute!

  4. Pictures of our children will never get old...EVER!! When we get back in January..we can do a lot more...we'll only have 10 months left :(

  5. We bathed Josiah in the actual bath tub last night for the first time, rather than his little infant tub. HE LOVED IT. Those babies just love to be free and kick around and get wet. I can't wait until he can sit up like Wyatt and start playing with all the bath toys we bought him! SO CUTE.

  6. well you could move to wa and we could be friends and i will just love on and squish the heck out of wyatt! i hate not having friends with babies!!!
    he has the most perfect little lips. and looks like such a big boy in pic number three!


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