Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chicken, rice, and biscuits

My sister and her roommate are here right now from Maryland! So, to welcome them I thought I'd make them some dinner.

Here's what I scrambled together...

(okay, this picture doesn't really do it justice.)

Chicken (I used chicken breasts that I just chopped up bite size, I don't like a lot of effort when I'm eating and cutting and stuff while you're eating is a drag)
A can of vegetable soup
Bisquick mix
Soy milk
Garlic Salt
Mrs. Dash
Hot sauce
(And I ended up having to use some chicken stock since I didn't have enough soup, but if I had another can of soup I would of just added that instead).

I have a weird phobia of anything that has to do with the oven. I'm scared of baking, especially meats, so I just pan cooked the chicken before hand. I seasoned it with some garlic salt, paprika, Mrs. Dash and pepper.

Then I poured vegetable soup in a baking pan with some rice that I had cooked already (also again, scared to cook in the oven). It ended up not being enough soup so I added some chicken stock and soy milk (this is all I had). I then added some tabasco to that, just for fun.

After the chicken was done I chopped it up and mixed it up with the soup/rice mix. I then plopped a punch of little bisquick blobs on top of that and baked for 30 minutes. I was pretty much just baking the biscuits since everything else was pre-cooked. I wish I would have made more biscuit mix because I had to make little biscuits instead of big delcious ones, so they look kinda pathetic on top of the chicken and rice. Oh well, live and learn.

Well, hopefully we can have a great couple of days. It's nice to have friend's here.


  1. what a nice dinner you prepared!! that was so sweet of you! looks yummy!!

  2. It looks yummy. Id straight up eat that and just pick around the chicken ;)

  3. jess your apartment looks great! its changed so much since Ive last seen it! you always think of good things to fix (cook) by the way!

  4. DELICIOUS! I love how you post recipes. I might have to try this asap. Your black shelf looks like a white one I have that is identical. IKEA yes?

  5. That looks amazing!! I know what you mean about pictures of food. I can't never get them to look as good as the food itself!

    I found you on Mrs. Bettie Rocker. I love you blog. I just spent a while on it looking around. Wyatt is so handsome. What a beautiful life you've made for yourself.

    I'm a proud "stalker" of you now! *winks*

  6. This look delish! What fun to have your sister there! :)) post lots of pictures!

  7. Oh my....though you may think the picture does not do it justice...just reading through your ingredients makes my tummy hungry.

    I understand the feeling when it comes to having friends there. It is definitely nice and I hope you enjoy! :)


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