Friday, July 23, 2010

hello baby

Wyatt has chosen a new bedtime. Let's try to guess what time it will be? Because I sure as hell don't know.

He took a late nap this afternoon and ended up sleeping until 6 pm. So I'm thinking that's why he skipped his regular bed time at 9.


  1. Oh, man! I wouldn't know what to do if either of my kids didn't go to bed til 9. Good luck!

  2. He looks very happy! :) You look like *yay* I get to stay up all night.

    But i think its such a blessing to have a little one, even if hes up late. I've been trying for a baby forever (no luck) :(

  3. OMGah he's so freaken cute! I bet if you take him for a car ride, he'll doze away. Best wishes and no more napping 'till 6, unless you wanna party all night! ;)


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