Saturday, July 31, 2010


I am so thankful that my son is generally a good napper. I mean, he naps like a newborn still. He probably gets in anywhere between 4 1/2 to 5 hours of sleep during the day. That means a whole lot of "me" time. It's pretty awesome. Maybe that's why I throw such a huge temper tantrum when he has one of his off days? It's like I NEED that time to myself. And what do I do during my 4 1/2 to 5 hours of free time?

1. Get a shower (and dare say, SHAVE MY LEGS?!... nah.)
2. Facebook with my sister
3. Read the gazillion blogs I subscribe to
4. Clean up whatever is wrecked around here
5. Nap myself (which is usually what I do for at least 2 hours... I know, pathetic.)

Wyatt usually takes a morning and an afternoon nap. The morning nap starts about 2 hours after first waking up, and the afternoon nap happens anywhere between 2-4pm. And then bedtime is anyone's guess. We haven't exactly mastered a specific time for that one. It could be anywhere from 8pm to midnight... it's actually very frustrating.

On a completely random note...

I skyped with Josh today. Very great! And I'm officially down 30 pounds since March 17th. I've lost like 4 pounds this week alone. I just started eating smaller portions and sorta threw out the concept of "dieting". It's been working pretty well thus far. I'm not ruling out Weight Watchers, and I will always keep it a part of my life; but I'm just sorta enjoying not thinking about what I put in my body. AND IT'S WORKING!


  1. Awe!! I have a "napping" post in my drafts and I haven't published it, I don't know why. I looove nap times, I get a ton of stuff done- including taking a little nap myself too. What's wrong with that? This Mama thing is hard work! :-) He looks so cute in your bed! And, it sounds like him and Bennett have the exact same schedule.

  2. i heart naps too. i'm just not as lucky as you. Lily has never been a great napper. every once in a while she will sleep 2 hours. i am ever so thankful when she does.

    great shots. love the hue.

  3. I <3 naps!! For the boys AND for myself. My 4YO takes about an hour nap (some times) and the 1YO takes one in the morning and one in the afternoon (usually). It's so nice to have time to do what needs to get done. WTG with the weight loss! 30 lbs in almost 5 months is awesome!!

  4. I LOVE NAPS! I never actually take a nap. Maybe because I'm so desperate for me time... I need it today.

    Yay for Skype! And, congrats on the weight loss! I seemed to have gained a bit since then. Hmmm.

  5. Your photography is stunning. You have a great eye for angles!
    Congratulations about your weight loss too. :)

  6. these sleepytime pictures are absolutely beautiful!
    wyatt looks so much like you.
    he's adorable.

    congratulations on your weight loss, girl!
    that's wonderful.


  7. Mine stopped taking two naps shortly after his first birthday, but he still gives me at least 2 hours a day. Only now I have Molly who may or may not be sleeping at the same time. So.....

    I love, love, LOVE the second to last picture! Frameworthy, I'd say!

  8. "me time" is essential indeed! hooray for good nappers-- mine is too, though i should probably knock on wood. (and congrats on your weight loss-- i still have a bit to go. slowly but surely...)

  9. Seriously, I feel for Moms whose babies don't nap. How else do you get anything done?!?!? Ha ha!

  10. raising the roof for weight loss! if i could keep my ass out of the kitchen, id probably be losing the post baby weight faster. ::sigh::

  11. oh my god! that second to last photo! i'm in love. you two make gorgeous babies, seriously.


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