Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Internet is DOWN!

What am i going to do? My internet is down and i am losing my mind. Thank god for technology. So i am updating from my phone. Please bare with me until tomorrow. I've got a serviceman coming to fix it tomorrow.


  1. agh! i hope it gets fixed soon! ours was down for like five hours the other day! right during corbins nap time too which meant i had to do stuff like laundry and dishes instead of being on the internet! haha
    wyatts shirt is so cute! corbin has it too!

  2. ugh. that's the worst. hopefully you will get it fixed tomorrow.
    btw, Lily is all in my buz so I showed her this pic of Wyatt and she stuck out her hand. i guess to say hi?

  3. You make life look fun with a baby!
    Life with the internet down is frustrating though, hope it gets back up! Your photos are always lovely to see! :)
    Hello from England!

  4. Ohhhh henny, I know how you feel! Hope it all comes back soon! :)


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