Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MAYOZINE (picture heavy)

When my best friend and I were 13 or 14, we had our own zine. We called it MAYOZINE, and I can't really remember why? But it was a pretty big hit with our friends. Another one of our friend's Dad owned this truss manufacturing company in Delaware and he would let us use all of his copiers, printers, ink, and paper for free. So we'd spend HOURS just making our little MAYOZINE and then try to turn around and pull a profit. We'd sell them from anywhere to 50 cents to a dollar. No one ever had any money though, so we'd just end up giving them away. A lot of our friends helped out with the writing though. We'd have "guest" writers, so hilarious. It makes me so nostalgic to look back at these days because I never knew how fun and cool being a teenager was until it was over. I seriously wish I could go back in time and do it all over again.

Here is one of the master copies (picture heavy).


  1. Man, you guys rule. This is so awesome, I just spent the last fifteen minutes zooming in on pictures and reading everything. Love it!

  2. Shut up! That is the coolest thing, uummm, yea, EVER! We would've been the best of friends because I was always trying to make shit to make a buck too. How many volumes do you have? That is SO cool to look back on - your precursor to blogging.

  3. Jess, this so so cool. I love it.

  4. Awesome, I always wanted to do a zine but didn't cool enough friends to help. Haha.

  5. You should keep on making them! I would totally buy one. :) I also enjoyed the pictures, thanks so much for sharing!

    PS. I've tagged you in a game. It'll be fun, promise. :)


  6. hello, chika!
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    xoxo, Olya

  7. my friends and i had a similar book. yours is pretty fancy though!

    it's awesome.

  8. oh my god that is so friggen cute. id love to have something like that to flip thro and just remember the good ol days. you're so right by the way, i never knew how much fun i had when i was a teenager until i hit my 20s. i miss being young and reckless :(

  9. really really nice, like your blog!!

    it's a must of this year!! Great Moschino!!

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  10. That's totally rad. I smiled. I used to do stuff like that when I was younger. I was so into it.


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