Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not your husband's chili

Okay, well, not MY husband's chili. My hub's doesn't like anything "different". He's a standard kinda guy. And well, my chili has olives and carrots in it... I'm sure he wouldn't be thrilled.

And I don't mean to insult your intelligence when I list these ingredients (because I know you know how to make chili)... but for the sake of the blog, I'll list them anyway.

  1. 1 lb Ground Turkey
  2. Stewed tomatoes (2 Large cans)
  3. Shredded Carrots
  4. Onion
  5. Olives
  6. JalapeƱos
  7. 2 cans of Kidney Beans
  8. 1 can of Pinto beans
  9. Minced Garlic, salt, pepper, chili seasoning
  10. Pasta


  1. Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus. You have no idea how much I've been craving chilli for these past few days. The pictures are beautiful and my mouth is watering. Off I go to Walmart! :)

  2. This looks fricken awesome! I love that you put it over noodles, I have never eaten it like that! LOVE IT!

  3. michelle, i hope you take pictures of your chili!

    and brittany, that's how my mom always used to make it (i think because it was more filling and the chili lasted longer).

  4. im totally tossing some carrot into mine next time i make it. i always add corn to our chilis (plural bc you know i have to make one meaty and one veggie) but carrots sound good too. and we eat ours over noodles, topped with sour cream and cheese. how im not 300lbs Ill never know.

  5. becky, normally i do too, but i'm trying to watch my calories a bit. i figured the pasta was enough.

  6. um, this sounds ridiculously good.

  7. Your hubby sounds like mine! He loves everything plain jane. He doesn't even like it when I add "bonus" chocolate chips to the brownie mix! Seriously, he always teases me for adding "bonus" items to his "normal" food. Cracks me up. Blog hopped here and I've enjoyed reading your sons birth story! Love those blue eyes of his, what a doll!

  8. That looks sooo good - I had to wipe drool off my keyboard. LOL My hubs wouldn't be down with the olive action, either.


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