Sunday, July 11, 2010

An outdoor room

I've been working on my patio. It really needs something. I'm going for an outdoor room thing... mostly because I want Wyatt to be able to go out there and not eat spider webs. I threw down some old area rugs that I had and some knick knacks and voila! I plan on doing some more "stuff" to it, but I need the funds. I guess I'll keep my eyes posted for anything interesting and fun. Oh, what do you think of those old trucks? My boy cousins all played with them. My oldest of the boy cousins is 23! So it's pretty cool that Wyatt has them now.



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  2. I LOVE those area rugs. They go perfect with each other. I love pops of color in a room.

  3. thanks! the blue and red rug is from world market, the stripped rug is from target, and the little yellowy rug is from walmart. i have a "thing" for rugs. and now my new place is carpeted and so i can't really use them.

  4. LOVE IT!!!!

    You have such a great style, and way of putting things together!

    :))) you're such a cool mom!

  5. So glad you put up more pictures of your outdoor room - I said it before - but again I love those rugs and the rocker outside... just perfect.


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