Friday, July 9, 2010

A pickle and things

I'm excited to show you guys some art that my Uncle Tony's mother painted. She's gone passed, but she left behind a ton of art for her family to pick through. Last weekend I was able to pick through it too and I grabbed these three paintings... isn't this cool?

I grouped them together because they all have the same water theme going on. I'm really so excited about them. Aren't they awesome?

Anyway, so I gave Wyatt an entire pickle and he was pretty thrilled about it. He pretty much stinks now (I'm too lazy to change his onesie, and quite frankly, there's no point).

Oh, and someone asked me if I made that onesie that he's wearing in previous photos and in these, and the answer is yes. When I was pregnant I got all motivated and decided to tye-dye and make a bunch of different oneies. I ironed on patches on some and what not. It was super fun, but he's only worn the tye-dye one. Here's the post about the onesies I made WAAAAAAAAY back at 21 weeks preggo. 

And here's some multimedia for you too...

(note - there's some weird auto focusing going on that I couldn't figure out. sorry.)


  1. Loved the other post, about the onesies! So so so cute!

    I love pickles does Aidyn! I think its because i ate SO SO many when I was prego!

  2. i wish i looked that cute eating a pickle.
    btw he's got the cutest high chair. no fair!!!


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