Monday, July 12, 2010

Really, I wouldn't even bother reading this.

This is what I did today. I had some of my favorite pictures printed. I'm actually not thrilled with the quality of the prints. They're from Target and they look kinda crappy. Does anyone know of a good place to get prints that are decent and cheap? I guess I could use the company through flickr but I'm looking for some instant satisfaction.

Anyway, some more RANDOMS...

I'm going to get more serious about weight loss. Lately I've been feeling unbelievably UNMOTIVATED. Like, I take a nap every time Wyatt takes a nap sorta thing. I feel tired all the time and I can't even motivate myself sometimes to blow dry my hair, let alone put make up on. I don't even shower until like 1 or 2 in the afternoon. This is seriously ridiculous and depressing. Maybe I am depressed? I don't know. It does suck that Josh is gone and all, but I think of myself as much stronger than that. 


I'm going to put myself on a strict schedule. I'm going to work out AS SOON AS I GET UP. I think that this might help me with my laziness. Wyatt is usually his happiest in the morning so I need to use that as an opportunity to work out. Usually in the morning I'm so exhausted, I literally lay on the floor next to Wyatt while he plays with his toys. I usually fall asleep and then I jump up, freaked out because I'm scared that he got into something and I wasn't there to watch. Actually, this happens quite often then not. So pathetic! I'm going to go to bed earlier too. I don't go to bed till like midnight or later sometimes and it really accounts to the fact that I feel like I need alone time, away from Wyatt. And when he's in bed I pretty much go crazy and sit and watch tv, blog, paint my nails, eat junk, etc. You get the picture.

HA! I was reminded of this picture recently. I'm 14 years old! I was one cool kid. I wish I had a larger copy of it though.

 It was on Jones Soda once. I submitted it for a contest they were running. That guy next to me is my friend Jon. He's married now and living in the DIIIRRRRTY SOUTH. 

Here's another picture from that day. That's with my best friend Jenny. It's crazy to think that we both have babies now, only 5 weeks apart. I've posted pics of her daughter Madeline before. 

Good lord, this post has zero direction. I'm stopping while I'm ahead. I'm pretty much just rambling here. 


  1. I still liked it :)

    A) I like Walgreens prints! I worked at a walgreens and loved the prints. I also had so many compliments on our color.

    B) I LOOVVVEEEEEDDDD Jones soda. It was the "cool" thing in high school! :)

    C) I'm going to start working out again too! I did the 30 days of the 30 day shred.. and then started to suck it up BIG TIME!!!

    (but I still havent drank soda!!! yippee!)

  2. Do they have costco where you live? They print really well and they are so cheap!

    Way cute pictures

  3. You nee to stop being so hard on yourself - you are raising your son single handedly while your husband is defending our country. My hubby works over 80 hours a week and it is tough to do it with out a break all day.

    That is why I am reading and commenting at 11:45 at night! alone time is precious.

  4. I agree..Walgreens always did good for me..and also CVS off of Hampton Roads and Jefferson has printed off probably 100 for me within the last 6 months.

    I started working out today..its hard to stay motivated..but it MUST happen.

  5. ok, a few suggestions:

    1- cvs? i always get my prints done there and you can choose 1 hour.

    2- how about going for a long/fast walk in the morning with Wyatt? i find that it helps with keeping in shape and Lily really enjoys it too.

    3- of course you are going to bed late because you need alone time. of course you do!

    4- remember that you ROCK!


    You are your biggest critic and I am the same way. I feel your concerns, for real.

    Just know that you have a beautiful baby, a great family, and someone who loves you for you. What else matters? :)

  7. these are great shots!


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