Sunday, July 11, 2010

Skype is for lovers


That blurry figure is my husband in Kuwait! And simply seeing him, even if in blurry form brings me so much happiness. I'm so thankful for technology. Josh got to see Wyatt crawl in action, see his sunny little apartment, check out my new phone, see his wife fresh out of bed with smeared make up and pj's on, a quick random flash of a boob, and the freshly cut hedges that now expose our patio (the hedges used to be overgrown and gave us so much privacy). That last one is random but it's something that is bumming me out! 

Anyway, YAY!


  1. That is pretty freaking awesome! I have never used it, but can only imagine how great it is for you to be able to see each other despite the distance.


  2. hahaha flashed a boob! love it. im sure he was excited about that! :) technology is amazing! could you imagine having to wait weeks and weeks for a hand written letter from your hubs like they must have had to do back in the day! i love that he got to see wyatt crawl too! so cute!

  3. Skype is amazing! I dated a guy who was in the army, when he went to Iraq, it was so incredible. I still mailed him TONS of letters.. but skype made it seem like he was closer..

    I think how different it must have been for couples during other times of war! Waiting and waiting and waiting for letters.. Technology pretty much ROCKS!

  4. Awww, yay for a wonderful morning skype date.

  5. Skype is wonderful!!!! My husband watched our son be born over skype. Glad you got to see your hubby! =]


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