Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Foods

I LOVE summer salads... or, just salad for that matter. I love how endless the possibilities are. I whipped this up today in no time flat and it's so satisfying.

This is a combination of-
Minced Garlic
Oil and Vinegar
Coarse Salt and Pepper
Fresh basil

And I accidentally took this picture while I was trying to figure out how to get my camera off self timer... I like it though. Please ignore my HIDEOUS feet. 

And thanks to EVERYONE who gave me encouraging words! You know how it is to just feel like life sucks and stuff. I'm feeling a lot better today.


  1. your salad looks yummy! bon appetit.

    i'm feeling a lot better today also. thanks for your words.

    also, lol, you were in my dream last night. we were in nj, by the 711 where i used to go near my high school. will, lily and i were driving and we saw you setting up a photo shoot. you had this tree covered with all these colored streamers. and you also had a post saying that a friend of mine had won a photo contest. pretty crazy.
    i think top baby blogs is consuming me.

  2. I "found" your blog through From the Kitchen of Mrs Bettie Rocker. I really like your blog. Your son is adorable! That salad looks yum. I really hope your day is better today.

  3. your salad looks delicious!!
    i had a salad today with tomotoes and cucumbers, num num! ;)

    i hope you have a great day hun!

  4. thanks megan and annie! i really appreciate it!

    and claudia- blogging is crazy like that. it takes over your LIFE. hahaa

  5. Ha ha Claudia! That's so funny. I've had some blogger dreams too. I really like that photo you accidentally took too. AND, I think your feet are lovely.

  6. YUM! If you ever come visit in Bama, please cook this for me. :)

    I love candid shots! That is a really beautiful pattern, but seriously though....all the colors in that shot is subconciously genius! :)


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