Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is spreading like wildfire

Everyone is getting this award! And yes, even me.

Thank you McNamara Life for tagging me! Another reason to talk about myself? Why yes, please. Just kidding.

Okay, seven random facts... what do you guys NOT know about me?

1. I had post postpartum depression. Not officially diagnosed or anything, but I definitely needed to take a little happy pill after Wyatt was born. I pretty much thought my life was over and I was miserable inside. I got over it obviously. Those first few weeks with your newborn is pretty much NOT as awesome as people try to pretend it to be. I found it excruciating and I'm so thankful that those days are over. Newborn Wyatt wasn't very fun. (YES I LOVE MY SON.)

2. I felt prettier and special when I was pregnant. Now that I'm not, I feel like just an ordinary plain girl.

3. I would love to get the opportunity to take pictures of a live birth.

4. I tried to bleach my own hair once and almost all of my hair fell out and I had to get my hair cut SUPER short. I screamed when I realized that my hair turned to goo and was coming out in huge clumps. I had really bad burns on my scalp. Thankfully there was this awesome salon that HOOKED ME UP and fixed it. They dyed it back brown and really gave me a cool cut.

(after the hair fiasco, I believe I was taking a picture for my family back home in MD)

5. The best dog that I ever had was Rocky and we had him for 3 years. He died 2 years ago and it really really sucked. I cried so unbelievably hard when he died and it affected me for a very long time. At the time, it felt like a child of mine had died. He was a super awesome dog and flew across country with me 3 different times. I couldn't handle the fact that I wasn't going to see him again so I started to pray to God that maybe he could let him be in heaven so I could see him again. I never used to believe that animals go to heaven, but then I started thinking that the bible does mention animals in heaven already, so maybe some do? I'm really really hoping so.

6. I own only 3 pairs of socks. And I only wear them when I work out. All of my shoes are flats and flip flops. I mean, ALL. I will wear flats in the winter in the snow. I did this even in Alaska. Sometimes I would carry around Uggs with me and slip them on just to walk outside, and then put my flats on when I got inside. I hate restricting shoes.

7. I have to shave my legs everyday, but I don't.

Okay, now, GO TELL ME 7 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT YOU. Consider yourself tagged.


  1. PS Go look at my blog from Saturday, I gave you this one too! ;)

    That hair cut is cute!! Nice save! I bleached my hair 3 times (2 at a salon) in about 3 months and mine was still okay, i didn't know hair could actually fall out like that, oh my!! :-o

  2. I like that short cut on you!

    I'll just post 7 facts here:
    1: I was blonde for almost a year, but dyed it back to dark right when I found out I was pregs 'cause I knew I wouldn't/couldn't dye my hair throughout and didn't want those crazy roots.

    2: I was OBSESSED with Hanson in their prime. Still like them now but haven't listened in a long time. Ahhh memories.

    3: The cartoon character I loved as a kid was Marvin the Martian. And I had Marvin the Martian everything.

    4: I first laid eyes on D directly across the street from where I ended up buying my wedding dress to marry him in. Also, he proposed to me on Gwen Stefani's birthday... OBSESSED WITH HER... by pure coincidence. I took it as a sign. Although I would've married him anyway.

    5: Favorite cocktail is a White Gummy Bear. They only served it at this bar Detox that is now closed. One of the bartenders there "invented" it. Never found out what they put in it so now I can't ever satisfy my craving.

    6: I have 6 tattoos and plan on getting more.

    7: I have favorite freckles on my own body and I love D's freckles on his knuckles. I hope baby girl has 'em! (I'm sure she will)

  3. AMEYA! i thought so! i went searching through my google reader and i couldn't find it so i thought i made it up. sometimes i just forget or don't get around to do something and then forget anyway... sorry!

    JESSICA! you really should blog about this. the world needs to know.

    THE HUNT FAMILY! just keepin' it real.

  4. re number 2: jess craig is way to spunky to be "just an ordinary girl" that's crazy talk

    re number 3: my stepmom had a home birth, and while she was in labor i fell asleep on the couch... and the next thing i know, i'm being woken up by my dad because baby was coming out. so in my groggy state, what is my first reaction? get out my camera and video tape. EVERYTHING. that was 5 years ago. haven't watched it since.

  5. :)))) you're a blog award winning QUEEN!

  6. U look cute with that hair cut!!! I will post my 7 things tonight. Thanks for tagging.
    And I think your pictures are truly awsome!!!however, I always thought that u edit the colors. Do you? If so great job on picture taking and editing!

  7. i would love to have my birth photographed. to say that out loud, or type it i mean, seems so weird but you dont even notice who the heck is in the room when you're in that moment and the photos i've seen of births are just amazing! and rocky is totally waiting for you in heaven. and i am the EXACT same way about shoes. i also own like zero pairs of socks [i sometimes just wear ryans if i have to]. my feet get so hot and swollen in shoes. i hate them!

  8. got inspired by your post & did my 7 random facts :)


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