Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tom Sawyer Inspiration

This is my fashion post. Or I guess something like it.

I'm inspired by summer, hippie style, and Tom Sawyerized fashion... so here's my take on it.

 Overalls from The Gap.

Owl ring from Target.

Sunglasses from Target/Hat from Charlotte Russe.

Bangle from World Market.

I have an awesome idea! Why don't you guys post pictures of your favorite fashions of the summer? You must be in the pictures! I'd like to see everyone's personal style. And please let me know if you do it. I really don't want to miss anything.


And what kind of Mommy blogger would I be if I didn't include pics of my son?

Tomorrow I'm off to Maryland for the holiday. I'll be sure to post pics of all the bbq's and travelin' that will be in full force.


  1. just found your blog on here. LOVE. IT.

  2. cute! wyatt is sneaking into something in that first picture. little boys are so busy!!

  3. Love the owl ring. Love your style. Love this post. I like the idea of showing fashions from the closet. I may give it a try.


  4. the overalls! i used to be an overall girl. got a pair a couple of years ago. didn't feel right wearing them. too old.
    you look fabulous!!!!

  5. Hey! The new banner looks rad. It's all summer-y. :) I've been feeling for a fashion post too. I'll definitely let you know when one happens. :D

    PS. That mat that Wyatt's adorably crawling on is AWESOME!

  6. i joined in on your dress up fun. it's in the Hole post. she was fab!
    happy 4th!!


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