Sunday, August 1, 2010



WYATT'S FIRST TOOTH FINALLY BROKE THROUGH LAST NIGHT. Yay! A whole new milestone! In fact, the second is following closely behind. I'll have a regular Two Teeth McGee pretty soon.

He's really been a champ about it too. No crying or fussing. Well, I guess he was a tad bit sensitive yesterday; just wanting me a little extra. And last night I nursed a ton, but nothing that really stuck out to make me think he was teething. So I'm glad that it wasn't a total meltdown like I imagined teething would be. 

Anyway, I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and did tons of cool things! (CAUSE I SURE DIDN'T)


  1. YAY!! that is SOOO exciting!! i'm so happy for you and wyatt!

  2. yay! how exciting! so good to hear it wasn't as awful as you imagined. i've been dreading the day henry's first tooth pops up.

    i love the picture of wyatt next to the curtains. so beautiful!

  3. Yay Wyatt! I thought Kingston was teething awhile ago but nothing! Now I have hope because Wyatt finally got his.
    Yay I can't wait to see a toofie smile picture. Those are my fav!

  4. Awe! I bet you're excited! From the stories I've heard of baby teething, it ain't pretty....but it seems that Wyatt is just taking it all so well. Yayers!

  5. It'll be all food now!

    Are you still breast feeding? Is it harder to do now that he has teeth?

    When/if I have more kids I want to breast feed longer, but I want to know how that would work when they get teethers!

  6. brittany, i'm still nursing, yes! and honestly, it hasn't affected me at all. so, yep, nothing crazy to report there.

  7. Woo hoo! That's going to make him even cuter! I love that last photo. He always looks like he's getting into something. :)

  8. YAY! congrats to Wyatt and to you.
    i'm sorry you didn't have a fun weekend. :(

  9. YAY! These pictures are adorable :)


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