Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hi my friends.

Let's talk about FERBERNATING. Just kidding. Let's talk about the Ferber Method. Here was the rundown of my night. Last night was my third or fourth night... can't really remember due to lack of sleep.

1. Down at 8:30... He cried for about 20 minutes. I went in and rubbed his head until he fell asleep.
2. Woke up at 11ish and we went through the same ordeal except less crying.
3. STUPID THUNDERSTORMS. He woke up at 12:15 and I let him lay with me for about a half an hour until I could make sure the storm was over. I didn't feel like getting up every 5 minutes whenever he heard thunder.
4. Woke up at 3! I can't believe he slept 3 hours. Not a big deal to you, but a huge deal for me.
5. It took me forever to get him back to sleep. I skipped a nursing this time just for the hell of it to see what he'd do. He freaked. But I got him back to sleep after 45 minutes.
6. Woke up at 5:30... and I let him sleep with me for the rest of the morning. (I'M BAD) We woke up at 8 because Josh called us on Skype!

Jeez I miss him. He really is my best friend and we do lots of stuff together. So now I'm just like bored without him. I'm sure you all understand.

Some more questions and answers!


-Sarah- said...

Whats the BEST thing that's ever happened to you?? Aside from your husband and wyatt.(My dad asks us "whats the best thing that happened to you this week" every friday night at dinner)...

The best thing that has happened to me so far? Hmm...  I DON'T KNOW? I can't even figure this one out. The obvious answers would be Wyatt and Josh but I'm not allowed to say that. I don't know. I can't stop watching the View to even begin to answer this question. 

Christy (sorry, no link) said...
I give you credit for doing all this on your own! No friends, family or support system around! What is a typical day like for you and how do you manage to get anything done?
My day is probably the same as all of yours. Except my husband isn't here. I get up with Wyatt. He crawls around the house playing with toys and getting into stuff, we eat, I shower, we play some more, we nap, we eat again, we nap again, we eat again and then Wyatt get's a bath and then we go to bed. It's a dull life. Sometimes I mix it up a little bit and like, maybe go to the MALL. Actually, reading this makes me realize that everyone else probably has a much more fascinating life than I do. I manage to get it all done because there's nothing to do! I only have one baby so doing chores is relatively easy. I just do them fast around him. Not only this, but I'm not a fan of molding to baby. I kinda think baby should mold to your lifestyle (of course within reason). He's gotta learn to go with the flow of everyday life or I'm going to have a terrible brat on my hands.


  1. Great job with Wyatt. Ferberizing is hard - have you seen the Modern Family episode where the 2 dads try to Ferberize their little one? HILARIOUS! We had a huge thunderstorm last night, too. I don't know how the boys managed to sleep through it (but I'm glad they did).

  2. you're such a lovely mom.
    i have tons of respect for you, girl!


  3. Hi! I just found your blog through PaperMama and I love it! Your pictures are awesome :)
    Also wanted to let you know that my hubby is in the Air Force as well. We are stationed in Washington state. I feel you on the deployments! They are always so hard for everyone. We're praying for the safety of your hubby while he's over there!
    And good luck with your baby sleeping thru the nite- it gets better soon, I promise! :)
    I think we have a lot in common so if you ever get the chance, come by my blog and say hi!

  4. Also just noticed in your about me section- my littlest one is almost 9 months too, and I LOVE photography! I am training with a veteran photographer right now and I have 2 Canon Rebels! (one digital and one film) :)

  5. Christy (The one without a blog)August 5, 2010 at 12:27 PM

    Thanks for answering my question! Here's another (I'm not doing anything at work today)
    I read that you used to work at an animal shelter. What did you do there? When did you quit?

  6. I've always planned on doing the CIO method with my children. Hopefully it works out for us and for you too!

    Also: I updated my nursery post at the bottom just for you! ;o)

  7. you are a trooper! sounds like an exhausting night.
    keep pushing those feedings so you get some sleep!

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  9. Everyone always asks me if I am ready for these sleepless nights.. What's sleep? With my f'ed up back and this child laying in my belly(seems more like he is doing Jedi training on my spine) i don't sleep. Being 6 1/2 month and not sleeping I feel your pain. :/


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