Friday, August 6, 2010

Hey everyone


Eating some delicious olives. I actually ended up eating them because he didn't care for them that much.


"Please stop Mom"


Wyatt tried a delicious coffee sample at Costco (YES I GAVE HIM COFFEE AND YES HE'S FINE. DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT THIS, THX!)

i love him.


  1. Ha! you crack me up.... Maybe I'll have to try and quit following you soon. I'll follow right when you hit 200!!!

    Coffee!!! Just kidding. These photos look so cute. I love that last photo of you two.

  2. Wyatt's owl highchair is cute!

  3. its so ironic that the last pic said, "i love him" because i was going to comment that! haha he is just THE CUTEST! the last picture is so sweet too. i love your shades! one time i gave corbin an olive and he chipmunk hoarded it in his cheek for hours!

  4. um, i'm going to have to go ahead and comment on the coffee thing...
    and say that you're awesome!
    haha. i gave my little brothers and sisters coffee and my grandpa gave it to me. and we all turned out just fine!
    coffee's good, and kids like it.
    so big deal! : )

  5. Yessss Wyatt has a big noggin like my babies! I love it. Oh and I'm diggin the high chair :)

  6. I love the one of him close up in his car seat. He's so precious!

  7. I'm a newly added follower!

    You seem like SUCH a great mommy. Some of your posts made me tear up because I wish SO MUCH that I could stay at home with my little girl.


  8. Oh my hell!! He is sooo cute!! You say my baby is cute?? I'm obsessed with yours! These are great pictures. I love the owl high chair I have that print in a pack and play and didn't know they made a high chair from that print too. DANG IT!!

    I'm calling CPS on your ass. jk
    Kingston's already tried Diet Coke so its okay!!

  9. Ok here are the deets on the night i hung out with Sawyer:

    -I called him Sawyer to his face, then explained that it just "had to be done because I'm just another lame fan" and he said "I'm used to it" and grinned his cute dimpled Sawyer grin.

    - His wife was there with him and she's a total bitch. She kept saying rude demanding things to him when we took the picture together like "hold your drink down! you don't want these little girls parading your picture drinking with them all over the internet" to which I responded by giving her the "bitch please!" look and ended up saying to the photographer "take the fucking picture already so she'll shut up." She just gave me a mean look and that was the last I saw of her that night thank god.

    - I got him to call me "Freckles" outside the bar. I went out for a smoke and he was out there smoking with some random guy(sans wife). He was SUPER wasted and kinda swaying back and forth haha. I invited him to come see my band play the next night.. he said he couldn't because he "had to go fishin." I said "you're gonna be fishing at 11pm?" and he looked at me with that Sawyer tilt of the head thinking sort of stare and then just said "it's called night fishin" and then I laughed and said "touche! I'm sure you get a lot of invites to random shit from people.. night fishin' must be your default excuse." Then he and the other random guy laughed and asked me what my name was...I told them.. he said "nice to meet you Jessica" and then they both took one last drag of their cigarettes and went back inside.

    The End.

  10. haha! well if they were still filming Lost episodes i'd say come visit me and we'll go hunting for him! but now the show is over... poop i'm sorry. maybe he'll end up on another show that films somewhere near you and you'll meet him!

  11. The comments you get are just as interesting as your posts! Wyatt is so freaking cute, gah! Everyone's right, that last picture of you two is beautiful.

    How is sleep baby boot camp going?!

  12. YES YOU ARE COOL! it could happen!

  13. I dont blame Wyatt for not wanting to eat the cookie!

  14. My kid has tried Mountain Dew 100 times already. Whatever. :-)
    He's adorable!!!

  15. Your boring days seem so peaceful and serene. That is an awesome picture of you and Wyatt. You should frame it.

  16. you two are both adorable! I love your hair and glasses in the last pic.

  17. yumm coffee is a great intro into the tastes of the world... i love it

    my daughter had chocolate pudding at 9 weeks... awesome

  18. Aw, he's a cutie :D
    I bet he's gonna love coffee when he gets older haha

  19. *random* what kinda carseat does he have??

  20. gage- it's just an eddie bauer car seat with a cover over it. i'm not sure which one. the cover is from babies r us though.


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