Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I hope this doesn't get boring

From Chelsey - The Paper Mama -

How did sleep go last night?
Eh, the same as the night before. I got up probably like 5 different times and finally brought him to bed with me around 6 am. He was waaaaaaay too awake for me to try putting him back down in the crib. So I just nursed him and held him until he fell back asleep in bed with me. And I did too. We woke back up at 8:30am.

Where do you live?
Hampton, Virginia. It's pretty close to Virginia Beach.

How old are you?
23 years, 11 months. (how immature of me)

Does your family live close?
My family lives about 4 hours away, so it's close enough. :)

From Mandy-

What is your most favorite childhood memory?
Christmas eve at Grandma's every year. All my cousins and I would play in the long hallway in her house with the lights out. It was just magical and I can't explain it.

What is the thing you are most proud of? (besides Wyatt, of course!)
Overcoming marital issues. I guess that's a little heavy... but Josh and I have gone through our up's and down's and it takes a lot of work to make a marriage work. We're finally at the point where things are smooth sailing (married 6 years this October)

What are your all time favorite movies?
Royal Tenenbaums
Romeo + Juliet (Leonardo DiCaprio version)
Life Aquatic
Bottle Rocket
The Darjeeling Limited

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? (if anything?)
Being retarded and thinking that I needed 9 trillion credit cards when I was 18... oh, and maxing them all out.
Can you say, "The Gap shopping spree"? The ironic thing about all of that was I bought clothes and things when I was bigger, and now everything is way too big for me and I gave it all away.

Still open to your questions...


  1. new blog layout/pics??? i like.

    ok my question is... if you were an omelet, what you want to be filled with?

  2. What's your favorite thing about yourself?

    What's your favorite thing about your husband?

  3. I love this! I love getting to know my blog girls better!

  4. Hooray for Wes Anderson movies!!! I LOVE Rushmore!! And I'm 23 years 11 months too my birthday is in 1 months and 2 days lol.

    I have a question: what is your favorite food and what is your favorite junk food?

  5. I like these.

    What's your favorite food? And something you will NOT eat?

    How did you and Josh meet?


  7. good movie taste!
    we have a few of the same favorites!


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