Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jess... revealed.

From Becky-
What was your wedding like? (Im in the wedding biz and Im just a fan of weddings in general.)

I didn't have one! We did the whole justice of the peace THANG. I regret doing it that way a lot, and the thought of going back and having a real wedding seems like a big waste o' money. Oh well.

From Megan-
Mine is a multi-parter. Did you find out what you were having (boy/girl) before you delivered? Did you have a girl name picked out?

We did find out before delivery what we were having. But here's something interesting, I WAS HOPING FOR A GIRL! Ha. It's funny now because I can't imagine even having a girl now and I realize how awesome it is to have a boy. I liked the name Violet a lot.

From Brittany-
I'm going to ask you a few questions...

1. What's your favorite smell?

My favorite smell is my freshly cleaned baby straight from the bath.

2. What's your proposal story?

Proposal story? Well, Josh surprised me with a picnik and got down on one knee! It was so very sweet. He was so nervous and put the ring on the wrong finger... and I was so shocked I didn't even notice the entire day.


3. Can you name all the power rangers? (My friends and I did this, this past weekend! It was funny how many of us still could!)

Zack, Tommy, Kimberly, Trini... and that's all I can remember.

From Lacey-
1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
At this point in my life, I'd just want to move near Josh's family in California and have that whole support system. That sounds better than any sort of crazy unique vacation destination that could be a possible home.

2. One of my favorite questions I was asked....If you were stranded on a desert island with only your ipod and you could only have 3 songs downloaded to it to listen to over and over for the rest of eternity, what would they be?
More than likely something from Elliott Smith.

3. How many babies do you want? Any future names picked out?
I'd like just one more. I like the name Elliott a lot... and Violet.

4. How did you come to picking Wyatt's name? (I love it!)
Well, I picked it out of a baby book. But according to my best friend, she said that when we were 12 I heard it used in a movie or something and said I would name my son that. But I don't remember that, but she says it happened... so I guess I believe her.

5. Do YOU believe in God? ;)

From Michele Lee-
What is your favorite time of day with and without Wyatt?

Favorite time of day without Wyatt (which I'm assuming BEFORE Wyatt) was, well... I CAN'T REMEMBER. It's true when people say you can't remember/imagine your life without baby. I guess it was probably the evening and going out to the movies or dinner with my husband. But I can't really remember.

Favorite time of day with Wyatt is of course RIGHT WHEN HE WAKES UP. He's always so happy and cute and adorable.

That was way fun! Feel free to ask me whatever else you want. No pressure though.


  1. How fun is this?! Great questions and great answers.

  2. woah! Violet was on our "potential baby names" list! don't worry, that's not our name though ;o)

  3. I really meant, when you're alone..or someone else is baby sitting Wyatt...but your answer was cool. I could only imagine not wanting to be around a baby as adorable as Wyatt though. :)

  4. This is cool! I was the same way - I kinda wanted a girl too and then I have this amazing boy and now I want another boy after him. Watch it be a girl because of it.

    We did a JOP wedding too. I regret that we only took ONE photo of us and it was a crappy photo where we were not even KISSING. At least ours was on my mom's beach on the sound. The Magistrate was a friend of ours.

    All your other answers are cooL!

  5. I love love love the name Violet its soo pretty.
    I haven't heard it a lot either.

    This is fun I might just have to do this on my blog because people ask me questions and sometimes I have to ignore them. haha

    hmmmm questions for you:

    Was Wyatt a planned baby?
    Where did you find out you were pregnant with him?
    Were you excited/Scared??

  6. question: what's a dream or goal of yours that you've never shared with anyone? do you get overwhelmed while grocery shopping? what are the top 5 most played songs on your ipod? (just curious! mine are kinda embarrassing, not gonna lie. number 1? whatever you like by TI. huh?! how did that happen?)

  7. Love your answers! I have a few too. =] Do you like being a military wife? (I am one also) If you breastfeed (which I think I read you do) how long do you plan on doing so?

  8. how fun! i think im too chicken to try this. or that no one would ask me a question. haha

    so whats the meaning behind your tats on your [totally skinny!] belly?

    and i remember the one i was going to ask but think that i already know the answer was highschool but, where did you and josh meet?

    whats one thing that you would buy if it didnt matter how much it cost?

  9. I poked around your blog for a while and I'm your newest follower! I love all the pictures--I've always thought they help tell the story. :) Your Wyatt is a cutie.
    Can I just mention a couple thoughts from your other posts?
    One: co-sleeping is awesome and I loved it and you'll find out what works for you and your kiddo and eliminating one feeding at a time is totally the right way to go.
    Two: "Dieting" is a dirty, nasty concept that should be kicked on its behind. I'm learning to think of food as a way to fuel my body to give me energy to do the things I want to (like keep up with my two littles!)
    Three: You and your family have my utmost thanks for your service to our country.

  10. You did way better then I did with the power ranger names! :)


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