Monday, August 16, 2010

Orthopedic fashion.

Look at how awesome my orthopedic shoe makes me look. 

I'd actually like to call this my Bristol Palin "Pause Before You Play" look.

Except I get to rock my awesome orthopedic shoe.

Anyway, here's what my foot looks like today (in case you were wondering)...

It's sore but not that bad. I haven't exactly kept off of it either.


  1. "Bristol Palin" look. Hah. You crack me up.

  2. somehow you make wearing a foot brace look good!! but i hope you can stop wearing it soon!!

  3. I hope the shoe works. Your foot looks very painful to me!

  4. At least its not a big clunky cast! And for some reason your hair looks hella long (in comparison to other pictures..not like I've seen you recently!)

  5. Your Bristol Palin comment made me LOL. The foot looks a little better today.

  6. Well at least you know how to rock out the clunky boot.

  7. "Bristol Palin look" bahahah.
    i love it.
    that whole commercial just kind of baffles me.
    it's like the entire time, she's simply saying,
    "what if my life actually sucked, like yours."
    maybe that's just me, though!

    your foot seems to be healing a bit.

  8. thanks for commenting on my blog and realizing the "your kid can read" thing was a joke. everyone thinks i was serious ha ha

  9. oh no!!! i had to use one of those boots for 3 months from a stress bone fracture. it sucked.
    i know it's hard but try to stay off of it.
    (sorry haven't been around, had no net and was on the road. but we are back!)

  10. you make it look so stylish! And you look way better than Bristol!


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