Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sometimes I wish that I could REALLY talk about the things going on in my life on this blog. Things haven't been okay lately, but I haven't been able to blog about it. If you guys have any sort of faith, could you say a little prayer for me? I need some extra strength...

Sam is gone now (not why I'm down) and I'm anxious about going home in a few days. It should be good.

As annoying as it may be for me to completely beat around the bush, please bare with me. Today sucked so badly. Like, sooooooooo badly. And to top it off the computers are down where Josh is (they're remodeling their media/computer room) and so everyone is using the phones and Josh can't ever find a free phone to call me. As Un-American as this may sound, I HATE THE MILITARY. I don't feel like explaining myself and I hope no idiotic numb skull gets on here and comments about what our troops do for us and yadda yadda yadda. Trust me, I know, and I'm appreciative. I just want my husband home. I want to be able to talk to him on a regular basis and have him see his son grow up. I know that this is what we signed up for, and I'm not trying to whine (yes I am). It just sucks and I may have to live with it, but I don't have to like it. 

Okay, I'll just say it - I looked a lot better before I had a kid. 


  1. :C I hope everything get's better for you.
    and I think you look just as mom :DD

  2. thinking of you! and fyi you always look beautiful! xoxoxo

  3. woah baby. im a little bit in tears right now. im so sorry life is sucking! i know the feeling of not being able to be as real as you'd like on your blog. my fear is that the fam will read it and get all upset! it might seem totally corny because, you know, we dont even know eachother but you can always email me if you'd like to vent! :) i hope things turn around for you soon. i always admire how strong you seem having josh away like he is.
    also, my husbands grandma is just learning how to use a computer. she is obsessed with my blog and reads it a million times a day. earlier she told me she was online "reading about corbins friend wyatt" and i was all, "corbin doesnt have a friend name wyatt. are you sure thats what his name was? where in the heck were you reading about him at...ooooohhh!" and then i realized she was reading your blog. she wouldnt shut up about how cute she thought he was! :)

  4. I'm sorry you are having a hard time. I know what you mean about the military - I was married to an AF guy and it sucked! I think you look great now (and then). Can you even imagine life without Wyatt now?

  5. Girl, I can't even imagine how hard it must be to be apart from your hubby... I am so sorry that you are going through a hard time.

    I know you don't know me from adam, but I will pray for you a lot and pray you get to talk to your husband soon... and that he can just come home.

    Again, I know I am a stranger-- but I am currently 11 and a half weeks pregnant and I am bed ridden most days (thanks be to morning sickness and siatica)-- so i have a lot of free time to talk! If you ever need just to talk you can email me! kyleandmandyreid@yahoo.com

    PS I really like your blog!

  6. First off: I think you look even more beautiful now. Especially with that handsome little boy with you.

    I hope everything is cool. Please e-mail me if you ever want to blab and vent or chat.

    I know I had some lame tough things I've had to go through since the babe. And, it sucks to not chat about it.

  7. sending good thoughts your way. . keep your head up and smile with wyatt!

  8. dear dummyhead.
    email me or fb me if you want to vent.

  9. pee ess.

    we all looked better before kids ;) but we werent as fulfilled, right? ;)

  10. Any idiot who tells you it's un-american to hate the military doesn't know anything about being a military wife. I am one so I can sumpathize were you are coming from. Although I believe we have two completely different looks on the military lifestyle, I don't think you're unreasonable at all to be frustrated and only wanting your husband home to see Wyatt grow up. Isn't that what we all want? Isn't that normal. I hear you about wanting him to see Wyatt grow. Mine missed our entire pregnancy, birth, and first four months...but you know what will be awesome? Your homecoming. That will be worth it all. You can do this. =] I will definitely be praying for you all!!

  11. Editing for others sake is so lame, I have to do it too and sometimes I just want to go and start an annon blog just so I can put it all out there. I will be praying for you and your little family. I look so much better prekid- its disturbing. Your hot either way, lucky girl.

  12. Ugh, you're STILL beautiful! Actually, even better because you manage to look good AND have a cute baby. You are a strong ass lady for raising Wyatt and having your hubby so far away. Keep digging for that strength during times like this when you really need it.

    Oh and if you REALLY need to vent, email me. I have a couple of girl friends that we really only use each other to bitch about crap :) mandey.ejiasi@gmail.com

    :) Hang in there.

  13. I say ALL the time how much I hate the military, and hate what they DONT do for their soldiers. Its not good to harbor in your feelings..so I quite frankly say what I want about the military..but you know that I love and appreciate all they do as well. YOU LOOK AWESOME..you seriously do. I know we have stretch marks..and probably not the tightest tummy skin, or cottage cheese free legs..but we ARE beautiful...and we NEED to know this, especially in our hearts where it counts. This deployment shit sucks..it really REALLY does. Our men get to miss out on the most beautiful part of having kids..and they are changing everyday. Im right there with you Jess..so please call, text..message...Im here for you! I wish I stayed home..so we could do things..and hang out, and friggin cry together if needed! I will most certainly pray for you..because I know you probably carry a lot of heavy burdens right now. Please stay strong...give Wyatt and hug and kiss for me...and I hope that Josh gets to call soon. Levi hasnt called me in 41 days..and it sucks beyond words...but he CHOOSES not to call, thats the difference. Hang in there Jess...seriously..call, text...message...anytime!!

  14. sending positive thoughts your way.....

  15. I wish your hubby could be home with you, too! I'm so sorry you're going through a rough time right now. Just know that I AM saying prayers for you and your family. Hope things better better soon for you. We're all thinking of you!

  16. I'm saying a prayer for you. It amazes me the strength that military spouses have to muster. I would have been a total wreck if I had been in your shoes at the beginning of my marriage.
    And I mean this in the non-weirdest way possible. You are gorgeous... baby "accessories" are temporary and it looks like you've blasted through yours already! Hang in there and take good care of yourself. Rest (:

  17. you are so, so strong.
    i can't even imagine dealing with what you have to on a daily basis.
    i have so much respect for you, girl.
    you are just as beautiful as ever, too.
    if you ever need someone to talk to, i am definitely here.


  18. Prayers being sent as requested for you and all those that you love!

  19. i'm not one to pray but i am sending good and positive thoughts your way. again, i applaud you for how strong you are because i don't know if i could be in your shoes without completely bitching ALL the time.
    hope things get better.

    also, you were beautiful before but you are just as beautiful now. even more. ;)

  20. i dont know if this will be helpful at all, but everything is temporary Jess. The shittyness of yesterday is over, and today the sun is out (at least in MD, lol). You'll talk to Josh soon, he'll be home with you and Wyatt soon, and even though I think you're really pretty now, Wyatt will grow up and you'll have time to put as much effort into your beauty routine as you did before Wyatt. Cheer up!

  21. thinkin of you girl...hope you get to feeling good again soon :)

  22. I'll definitely pray for you...I know it must be tough. However, I think you look fabulous!

  23. I've only recently started visiting your blog from someone else's link so I don't really know you, but you can complain all you want, in my opinion. lol

    The argument of "you chose this life" really annoys me. Yes, we all make choices and many times we struggle with the lifestyle that those choices have created. Life is hard. Raising a son without his daddy around all the time is hard. Who the heck cares if you both knew that ahead of time. It doesn't make it any less crappy :-(

    And you look fantastic. I think you look the same as before you had your son.

  24. Jess- you have and always will be beautiful. Not to mention that you are smart, creative, talented, sweet and have a wonderful sense of humor. I hate to hear that you're going through a rough time right now. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. xo

  25. That must be soo soo tuff. I'll think about you and pray for you! You are such a beautiful person and mother and I look up to you a lot.

    I'm hugging you clear from Utah. :)

  26. Hang in there sweets! Tomorrow is a new day and i really hope it all gets better, i'm sure it will!

    and YOU ARE STILL hot! Are you kidding! YOU'RE so hot! Get over it, geeze, at least you can pull off dark hair and light and still look gorgeous! What a good little wife and mommy you are! You need to give yourself a pat on the back. I'm sure your hubby is so proud of you!

  27. First of all. BITCH away! Its your blog. We are all her for you no matter what!

    I couldn't even imagine being a military wife! It must be super hard! BIG HUGS!


    You're gorgeous! Before and after, you're simply stunning!

    And your husband is a hottie pa tottie!

  28. I am sorry things are looking so down right now. My hubby is in the Air Force and has basically been deployed/ tdy for most of our relationship. So I know what you are going through- well that part of it anyway- and I am praying for you.

    ps- I think you look even better now so I don't want to see any more negative self portrayal! You're beautiful! :)

  29. You have so much love on here I thought, geez, I'll just be another comment. But anyway.
    It's true, you HAVE to vent what you're feeling. You have too.
    Also, any institution/job/industry that pulls families apart is going to feel like the enemy. I've been there...not to the degree you are, but enough to know it must really suck.
    So know that I am praying for you and, in my experience, sometimes it's better when the shit hits the fan and know that somethings gotta give than to go for years and years being just bothered enough but not changing anything. I have no clue what that means for you, but I'm just speaking from experience. There was a time when Levi and I had to get really deep into our own frustrations in order to really find relief in the end.
    Hope that's not depressing! Sorry! I *am* trying to help. :)

  30. cheer up, lovely. i know its hard. being a military wife is a shit job and its perfectly ok not to like the military when it takes your husband from you. you're doing a great job truckin through.

    thinkin about you....and you're beautiful no matter what!


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