Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We have a tent! (picture overload)

Hey guys, thanks for all your nice words. It was awesome to read all of your comments. Things are getting better and everything will eventually be okay. It's just going to be a waiting game.

But for now, look at my cute kid.

I got this tent for him a few months ago from the thrift shop because I thought it would be great to use at the beach. Well, babies and the beach don't really mix (my baby at least) and so I never really got to use it. I pulled it out the other day though so he could play with it and it's really been a hit.

He thinks it's pretty rad when I get in there with him. It's a complete excuse for him to crawl all over me and pull my hair and bang on my face (my kid is a little rough). I feel like I really need to soak him in lately and cherish every single moment we have. Not that I don't normally do that, but I find myself needing to cuddle with him more when I'm down. He's my little love buddy.


  1. This is one of those PeaPod things! I got one last year for my daughter, who also wasn't much for the pool or beach, so I just forgot about it. I'm totally bringing it out to play in. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. He really did like it. His little face cracked me up when you first crawled inside. You didn't see it cause he was ontop of you, but it was pure glee.

  3. He is adorable! That little tent is cute - I can imagine he has all sorts of fun in it.

  4. Tents are the best! He is so freakin cute.

  5. LOVE these pix! The colors are gorgeous!
    Hope you're having a better day! Here's something to cheer you up! :D

    Here's a little award, from me to you! :D

    ps- And don't forget to come over and take a peek at my photo challenge for this week! :D Your pictures are so awesome you should definitely enter!

  6. how fun! i bet he liked the change of scenery a little. now i want to go build a tent in corbins room for him to play in! :) i love how BOY wyatt is. he's just too cute. and i think his onesie is so cool!

  7. I cant get over his big blue eyes! SO cute.

    And tents pretty much rock the hizz-ouse

  8. thanks everyone! wyatt and i share the same eye hue actually. as stupid as this may sound, when i was pregnant with him i prayed everyday that he'd have blue eyes like mine... and he did! it's kinda amazing.

  9. It must be something about tents that makes them get rough, my daughter does the same thing!


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