Thursday, August 19, 2010


Oh man. That's all I can really say about last night.

Okay, that's not true. I can say a lot. For starters, I spoke too soon about Wyatt feeling amazing yesterday. At 2 am last night he woke up with pent up gas (WTF!? I thought that was so 7 months ago?) and a 102 degree fever. It was freakin' TERRIBLE. I almost took him to the ER to be quite honest.

But we got through it. And I got his temperature down to 98. But he's still soooooo tired and cranky and just all out SPAZZIN'.

God I'm so exhausted.

Anyway, tomorrow is the last full day to enter my Urban Outfitter's giveaway. Remember, it's over by 12 noon tomorrow!

You could buy this thing!

Lomography camera - $48.00


  1. Boo. Sorry to hear about Wyatt not feeling well. I'm glad you didn't have to take him to the ER though....phew.

    PS. Voted for you again lady, but I'm sure you can see that. :)

  2. That's a bummer! How sad it must be to watch your kid be so uncomfortable!

    And I voted for you again.

  3. Awww - poor Wyatt (and you). I hope today is a better day (and night).

  4. I entered your giveaway already.

    Funny, though. I already have that camera! In the same colour too. Although here it cost $68 Canadian I think. Or $58. I forget.

    They have way cooler cameras though. :)

  5. I wonder how good that camera is but I want it now.

  6. I VOTED! again.... sorry to hear about Wyatt :o(

  7. I hope he feels better! Poor honey! poor mommy!

    I want to win this giveaway sooo bad!

    I'll paint you a picture if I win ;))))

  8. Ive never won a um, there ya go : ) Hopefully Wyatt will feel better soon!! I got two shots maybe I can have a lazy crabby day tomorrow!...but NO, no time for that...back to being a mommy again! Man kids have it so easy sometimes.


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