Wednesday, September 8, 2010

advice needed...

Okay, so I have a question about FOOD and DRINK. Wyatt isn't that big of an eater. He doesn't like to eat too much "table food" but definitely eats his pureed fruits like it's going out of style. He will eat table food, but just not too much. And it's a hit or miss on whether he'll like it or not. Now, for drink it's all straight from the tap. He doesn't care for the sippy cup (when I'm giving it to him) and so it's hard for me to get him to drink anything aside from me (oh, and no bottles).

My sister was working with him last week when I was out and about and she would put breast milk in his sippy cup. The most she could get him to drink was about 2 oz. The kid would hold out all day long until I came home to nurse. He'd eat food pretty good, but definitely wasn't drinking anything. Is it safe for him to do this? I'm gone generally from 8am - 3pm (with his last nursing at about 7am). I'm afraid of him getting dehydrated.

Wyatt nurses A LOT at night. So maybe he's getting all his drink and food in at night? When I was home with him I'd really only nurse him for naps anyway, so he's only missing about one good nursing.

Does anyone have any tips for what I should do? When I get home with him I nurse him right away and he usually goes crazy with that.

What do you guys think? I mean, if he's thirsty do you guys think he'll drink breast milk from the sippy at daycare? I told the daycare today to try to give it to him without the sippy cup lid because he LOVES to try to drink whatever I'm drinking straight out of a cup. I think it's exciting for him. Do any of you have kid's like this? Stubborn little punks.


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  1. Harper is the same, I can't get him to even take a bottle. So annoying!! I just keep trying lots of cups I have heard that breast-fed babies drink best from a straw cup. You are meant to suck it up then hold the straw so the liquid does not go back down until they get the hang of it. I have not yet tried it but this is what I will do next. Hope that made sense to you. Good luck and if you find something that works please let me know.

  2. When I first put my little one in daycare (he was 8 weeks old), he really wasn't familiar with drinking out of a bottle because he was breastfed. I told them to not give up on the bottle and if he's hungry, he'll figure it out sooner or later. He caught on pretty fast. I wouldn't worry about it all that much - it sounds like he's making up for lost time in the evening!

  3. my only advice is to keep trying to give him both. he may not be wanting to eat his food because he knows that you will just give him fruit. and fruit is sweet and yummy!
    remember, they are little but they are smart little punks!

    also, keep a sippy cup with water around so he gets used to it.
    when i first gave Lily her sippy cup, she mostly would just use it as a teether and shower!

    he gets plenty of water from your breast milk. if he was dehydrated or thirsty, he would totally drink out of the sippy cup.

    how is day care going?
    i wish i could do something like that but there are no good ones here that will do part time and whatever ones exist, are sooooooo expensive!

  4. claudia - i'll try to work on the sippy cup thing. it's just so hard when he finds it annoying.

    daycare is going okay i guess. he played with the other kids today, but yesterday he pouted in his swing mostly all day.

    i've been taking wyatt to kinder care (a chain of daycares i believe). and i like it pretty well. it's 200 a week, and i think you pay half for half a week. so i don't know if it'd be worth it to you... but i refuse to take him to a small home daycare with someone i don't know. i'd rather wyatt not have any shaken baby head syndrome.

  5. I use to have a straw type cup when i was small, it was great, i still remember it haha
    i'm trying to find a picture of it. I use to chew on the straw though.. :)

    But he might be to young for that, or it might ruin the purpose of a normal sippy cup too. I'm pretty clueless for this stuff. D:

    and for the food. :( i have nothing. I hope if my cup thing doesn't work out you at least find it interesting. :P

  6. Camdyn is 17 months..and will only mostly eat baby foods still. I think if he eats more of baby puff..he's doing to turn into one! He loves juice out of sippy cups..but not milk..the kid will NOT switch to all sippies! I first tried Camdyn on blueberries..and kept them cold so it would feel good on his gums..then we went to saltine crackers and he loves those. Now...we're on pudding and jello. Each kid is different..but I think if Wyatt were in need of would know. All you can do is keep trying..and not give up. $200 is sooo outrageous..but hey if he likes it..and you guys can do it, then thats awesome! Does he go everyday now?

  7. how old is wyatt now? we did a bottle b/c I stopped nursing at 4 months but at about 10-11 months instead of a sippy cup, we went straight for a straw cup (, our daughter just would not take to a sippy cup at all.

  8. I havent read everything above this comment so sorry if I am repeating or even going against what someone else said I dont mean too!

    I have one VERY stubborn kid he has never taken a bottle, he is 16 months and still nursing (just once in the morning but still!) Luckily he has always taken to a sippy cup. ICE cold water with it full to the top worked best for us, if it was room temperature it just fell out the sides of his mouth when he was little and he he doesnt like it. I kept it really full so it didnt take much tipping back to get a drink. I also filled around 4 every morning and just left them all around my house so he always had access.
    He wont die of thirst but he can get dehydrated, the chances of that happening while he is still breastfeeding is slim though, dont worry. one day he will figure out this is just they way it is and will take it.
    As far as food, try things that are different! baked yams with butter and cinnamon/sugar, water mellon, baked beans, meatloaf. they are all pretty grown up sounding but are easy to break apart in their mouths and they dont need a ton of teeth to eat most table food anyway.
    I noticed my little man will eat better when we are all eating the same thing at the table together with no tv/phones/computers whatnot. I am so bad about making that regular I dont know if thats an issue for you guys or not.
    Sorry this was an information overload! I hope at least some of it was helpful.

  9. i totally have no advice, parker is only 4.5 months old & i haven't gotten there yet. pretty sure we will though.

    anyways, just stopping by to say wyatt is super freakin cute & i'm your newest follower.

    feel free to check us out too :)

  10. I went back to work when Tom was 4 months old and he had never had a bottle in his mouth before that day. The first day was horrible. The second day was better and the third day was no problem.

    Wyatt will be a year old before you know it. You know he can handle cups and table food. He's just strong willed about it. It'll come down to who has the stronger will... you or him.

    Oh, have you tried straws with him? I've also seen sippy cups with them built-in. My kids always loved them. Wyatt might too.

  11. My boy started eating like a champ at 4 months, they are all so different. It took a LONG while for him to drink anything but formula milk though, especially out of a sippy. To be honest, I just bought several different kinds and left them all full of water all over the house. He will still only use a certain one (just like his bottle, only one specific kind).

    He won't go thirsty, he will find a way to get fluid if/when he wants it, he's just stubborn/patient and likes what he likes, that's what my mom told me. He'll come around! He looks happy and healthy so I wouldn't sweat it, maybe just try a bunch of different kinds of cups/bottles. Some w/ straws, some w/o, etc.

    Good luck!

  12. that sounds like a good place and i'm sure he will get used to it and love it soon.
    yeah, no shaken baby head syndrome.... lol

  13. Ugh Jaackson is the exact same way!! He won't take a bottle to save his life and I'm away from him for 10 hours every day (not by choice!!). The most my mom or sister-in-law can get him to take is about 4 ounces sporadically throughout the day and some solids. It's hit or miss with those too. We've tried every type of bottle there is, sippy cups, plain cups, and a straw. Nada. Let me know if you find something that works!


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