Friday, September 17, 2010

Best purchases of the month

Just thought I'd share with you all some of my favorite purchases for Wyatt this month.

  1. Halloween plates and napkins from Target. I plan on using them for his birthday on October 2nd (actual birthday is on the 7th). My best friend's husband's sister makes cakes and I'm hoping to hire her to make a skull cake. I think it'd be so cool! I love love love Halloween stuff.
  2. This adorable cute dress for Madeline (Wyatt's girl friend) from H&M.
  3. Munchkin mighty flip grip straw cup. You guys suggested it so I bought it and it works great! 
  4. Light sweater and comfy lounge pants for Wyatt from H&M.
  5. Plum organics baby food. This particular kind is awesome because it's completely utensil/bowl free. I give it to Wyatt sort of like a Capri Sun. He thinks it's awesome to suck it out of the top. I'm not sure if it's because he thinks it tastes better or it's the way he gets to eat it, but he won't even touch baby food from a jar.
  6. OKAY. I don't want to hear it. But I love convenience. These Gerber Graduates little entrees are so great and really tasty. Plus they're preservative free so I don't feel completely terrible giving it to him. And he actually likes them and will eat them and I'm all about that.
  7. Vicks Baby Rub! This has been Wyatt's godsend today. It's really helping with his stuffed nose. 
  8. My friend Ashley recommended Boogie Wipes to me and at first I thought, "WHAT A JOKE!" because I thought they were just fancy wipes. But they're actually really great for getting the hard crusties off and they're made with saline and aloe. Wyatt's nose is chapped from using plain ole wipes. I'm glad I bought these. Oh, and they're grape scent!
  9. I'm in love with these skeleton pajama's from Gymboree. I got them for 10 bucks because all pajama's were half off last week.
  10. Nuby flip n' sip cups. I personally think these are way better than the Munchkin brand because they have handles and a squishy straw. I think this cup is better for breast fed babies because it's easier for them to learn to suck from them because they have to squeeze and suck out of the straw at the same time (TMI).


  1. very cool. i can't wait till we get our H&M in the new mall that they're building here.

  2. what's wrong with gerber food?

  3. i was wondering if those boogie wipes were worth buying. costco has them right now & i considered giving 'em a try. looks like i'll have to do it now.

  4. I LOVE H&M clothes for babies. Here in the UK I tend to get my daughter the Hello Kitty stuff, and the boys outfits are super cute too!

  5. 1. Someone on facebook just said they wished there was an H&M here in Utah so you are lucky!! We are all jealous ha
    2. Kingston told me he wants those skeleton jammies so we might just have to get some.
    3. I love Plum organics we buy them for Kingston when we aren't home so I can just squeeze it into his mouth!
    4. So this sucky straw cup.... Does it really work?? Kingston hates hates hates his sippy cup!! He wants nothing to do with it except to chuck it across the room.
    Did Wyatt know how to suck from a straw before you gave him that cup? Or did he just learn by you buying him it?

    All the other buys are great i'm coming to you when I need to know what baby stuff is good and whats not.

  6. i want h&m stuff!!!! can't believe we don't have one in miami. can't wait to go to portugal so i can go to one.

  7. I felt the same way about those booger wipes. Love, love them. I'll have to give those straw sippie cups a try, Henry has such a hard time with regular cups because he can't tip them high enough.

  8. SO COOL! Do you have an H&M store in your town?

  9. OMGosh I love the pic of Wyatt in his skeleton pjs! LOVE! I like Gerber Graduates, too, though my 1YO doesn't care for them that much. Yay for sippy cups with straws!

  10. Love the Gymboree jammies and the Gerber meals too. I'm running a Gymboree Giveaway now, check it out.

  11. ooohhhh, do more posts like this. I enjoyed it. I'm buying Vicks Baby Rub when I go to the store tomorrow. Thanks!

  12. Ummm... Ruari didn't know that Wyatt had a girlfriend.


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