Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese's

Where a kid can be an insane banshee kid.

I went to Chuck E. Cheese's with my neighbors from upstairs. It was pretty cool. Although, Wyatt is still a little too young to fully grasp the concept. He thought Chuck E. was the devil, barely fit on any of the rides, and had to pretty much stay in my arms the entire time. I wish that place had a more toddler friendly play room. You know, where he can just crawl around and stuff... anyway, so yeah... But it was pretty cool nonetheless.

I of course took some pictures, but I'm so bummed about how they turned out. I was being a little ambitious and attempted to take very busy shots in low lighting on manual. I should of just turned the flash on and treated my DSLR like a point and shoot, but I was trying to get some more experience. I ended up just keeping the camera on continuous shooting and hoped for the best. So, I apologize for these super edited photos. It was my attempt to salvage these shots.

(little Anthony, 19 months)

(tiffany and wyatt)

(so cute how Jose is watching his son play)


  1. I haven't been to Chuck E Cheese for at least a year - I hate that place. LOL Too many people. Too many kids. Too many people not watching their kids. Anyway...I like those pics even if you don't. Wyatt may not had as much fun as he could've, but he still looked happy!

  2. your little dude is such a stud. he's gorgeous just like you!

  3. i think your pictures turned out great. wyatt is such a freaking cutie... love the run dmc shirt.

  4. oops, forgot to link to website in my comment. sorry!

  5. cute pictures, i really do like them! i haven't been to chuckie cheese in forever, do they still have bomb ass pizza?!?! just saw your fb picture about this outing. GROSS, but so funny.

  6. We had a great time! I think the pictures turned out great!

  7. Wyatt has a buddy!!! :)
    i love Wyatt's shirt. he's the coolest.

  8. I just have t o say how I love that Wyatt is wearing a Run DMC shirt.


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