Monday, September 20, 2010


I feel like shit. Like, seriously, I feel terrible. I took Wyatt to the doctor's today for a well baby check up and I found out that he's below the 10th percentile for weight. I mean, how did that happen?! Well, let me tell you - I suck.

I don't PUSH food on Wyatt. I figure he'll let me know if he's starving. Now, with that being said, I do offer him food ALL THE TIME. He just hardly ever wants it. He's more occupied with playing. I also breast feed him a lot at night, so I usually tossed this up to that. Sometimes all I can get Wyatt to eat is about one full meal a day. He usually takes a bunch of random bites of other things through out the day, but I know I can depend on him eating a full meal about once a day. OKAY I SUCK I KNOW.

Anyway, so I took him to his appointment and the doctor scolded me and I felt terrible. She told me to start pumping after I nurse, every time I nurse. I'm so late in the game now that I just don't think I want to pump a trillion times a day. I plan on starting to wean next month (when he's officially 12 months). She said he's not getting enough nutrients from my breast milk and that makes me feel terrible, because I was still sort of depending on it. I know it's just the nature of him growing up, and weaning really needs to start happening.

Wyatt has only gained 1 single pound in 3 months! I couldn't believe it! I feel kinda stupid because here I thought he was growing and everything was going great! He's 19.6 lbs.

I sought out advice from a close friend who has a petite child. She said she was going through the same thing around this time with her daughter. She started giving carnation instant breakfasts once a day (which I plan on doing). I think Wyatt would really dig it and actually has some in his sippy cup right now. I'm really hoping to get my kid to start gaining weight. It's a hard toss up between trying to be super healthy and just giving him some plain ole fat. I admit that I don't eat that much fat myself because I'm always dieting, so Wyatt gets a lot of random vegetables/fruits and baby food/yogurt. I'm hoping I encourage some weight gain with some of the new tricks I'm going to try.

Here's some things I got today to help Wyatt with his weight gain:

1. Ovaltine - I can't get him to drink whole milk so I plan on adding a little bit to his milk. Ovaltine has a lot of vitamins and minerals, so I figure it's better than him not drinking it.
2. Carnation instant breakfast - at 200 calories, I think once a day will be fine.
3. Kid essentials - just like Carnation instant breakfast, but I can throw it in my purse and it'll hold up. No mixing of milk required... and 240 calories.
4. I'm going to see if I can cook with some cream of whatever soups.
5. And obviously whole milk

Does anyone have any suggestions or me? Has anyone gone through this? I feel so discouraged and I need to hear from some of you that have gone through this with their little ones. :(


  1. My daughter was the exact same way! Hates eating. She's almost three now and her appetite is finally increasing. My daughter has always been UNDER the weight percentile, BUT she is very tall for her age group, AND she is super healthy! So the nurse told me not to worry so much about the weight if she's healthy and not extremely skinny. But this is not easy to hear. Ive been there. I totally can relate!

  2. oh please dont feel bad. im really surprised your pedi scolded you! geesh. i think its really normal for babies to not gain much weight around this time because they become mobile and burn a ton of calories that way! corbin weighs less than wyatt and wyatt looks completely healthy! also, there are a lot of healthy fats out there like avocado, olives, and fish!
    i think its important to not push food on babies too. does he sit in his high chair every time you feed him?

  3. yeah i understand that. i've never tried it out but have just read that it helps them be less distracted. also, if you're looking for suggestions...are you? if not, just ignore me. but if he nurses in the morning, wait about an hour and then do breakfast. then usually corbin will play for another hour or so, nurse and have a nap for about two hours, then when he wakes up he eats lunch, plays for a few hours more with some snacks in between then nurses again and sleeps for another hour and eats dinner when he wakes up. that way his nursing sessions and his eating are spaced out enough that he is hungry again. you probably know this already but i just wanted to share. ok. im done.

  4. WOW! Was your doctor rude to you? Wyatt looks so healthy! I never had this problem because Aidyn has ALWAYS loved to eat. He was a total chunk a roo! But I hate being lectured by doctors, or when they make you feel stupid! I hope that your doctor talked to you nice, if not GET A NEW DOCTOR!!!

  5. My son wouldn't have even been on the charts if I took him to a pedi regularly. He stayed at 17 pounds for months, and he's 20 months old and weighs 21.5 pounds, is healthy, fully active and meets all of his age appropriate milestones. That being said. Growth charts were created by formula companies, so do NOT beat yourself up! My son eats like a bird, I'm not joking. He is not a huge eater. He goes through phases where he will, but didn't even hit one of those phases until he was well past a year old and even now they don't last more than a week or two at a time. He was also 10 months old before he got his first tooth, and at 20 months has just now gotten his molars in. Once his molars came all the way in, I noticed a big increase in his eating.

    I would worry so much because I thought he wasn't eating enough, but you're exactly right, he will eat when he gets hungry, just make sure what you offer him is healthy. You don't want him eating a bunch of sodium heavy things for the sake of a growth chart, go with your gut feeling Mama. He looks great, and is obviously an active healthy tyke. Charts are for the birds. And every baby is so different!

    Also, my son self weaned at 10 months of age, and even after I put him on formula/goat milk (he had some dairy sensitivities earlier on, so we started with that...) he didn't just put weight on rapid fire. Some babies are built small, and I hate, hate, hate when Dr's go off those growth charts and tell a Mom that their baby is too small. Bull. But that's just my two cents. Totally been here! And I agree, if your Dr. was rude about it, get a new one.

  6. i cannot believe your doctor scolded you! what a jerk. seems to me if he's healthy & meeting all his milestones, gaining weight is just a matter of fattening up, which doesn't necessarily seem that healthy in itself to me. don't let this ruin your day... you're doing what you can for your baby & you are a great mom!

    ps: i stole your button for my blog.

  7. Wow, I'm surprised your doctor told you to feed him dairy. I've always been told not to introduce it until they are 12 mos old.

  8. I can't believe your doc scolded you! I don't know what I would do if a doc of mine scolded me. My docs have always told me that the growth charts were designed for "Gerber Babies" - those who were fed exclusively on formula, so they tended to be bigger. I think Wyatt looks great and I wouldn't call him skinny by any stretch of the imagination. Babies grow at their own rate. And you're right - if Wyatt was starving, he'd definitely let you know. I've tried to force-feed my boys and all that ever gets me is frustration and a screaming kid. Hang in there!

  9. Oh, that sucks! But: you don't. I don't push food on Ruari either.

  10. Whoa there. Doctors are full of shit about weight. There is no medical basis for their obsession with these weight goals so do NOT let them freak you out or make you change anything. My ped is always running her mouth about how tiny K is but I just got back from being overseas and let me tell you what, they could NOT BELIEVE how "DA DA DA!" (Big big big!) he is for his age. Different country has different made up charts and rules, but YOU are the mom. You know that baby is smart and healthy and meeting all the mental milestones and eats plenty. THAT is what matters. People have different body types, and that starts as babies! Some are thin and some are chubbers. Don't let them try to compare wyatt to kids with different body types. Weight means almost nothing if they are otherwise healthy! That's why some pediatricians freak out on some parents while others don't look at weight at all. All the kids grow up healthy!

  11. i can't give any tips or advice but i can tell you that i can tell that wyatt is a healthy happy little boy and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself!

  12. you guys are all so amazing! i was so insecure when i left that appointment. i can't believe i let her get to me. i think i still am going to let wyatt have one carnation instant breakfast every once in awhile because i do think that he's probably not eating enough. and i have become complacent at times (just being honest). so today he ate a lot! i think my problem is that i'm not offering him enough variety and he just simply gets bored with the options i'm giving him. he'll refuse yogurt after a few bites, but then once offered some watermelon totally dig in. i'm learning this (i'm a moron for not really figuring this out). i figured that if he refused something that he was just not hungry, but i guess it's not always the case. :( OOPS. I'M STARVING MY KID. NO BIGGIE.

  13. Harper is in the 3rd percentile so I'm going through the exact same thing! It is hard and he does not like food that much. I feel worried sometimes, This month he lost weight. I think if they seem happy and are not crying all the time everything is fine. I hope.

  14. I totally agree with what everyone says, tell your ped. to kiss your booty. My son is in the 5% and my pediatrician and I both agree that is SUPER healthy.
    In my opinion the dr's that forcing moms to fatten up their kids arent realizing the long term effects- childhood obesity. Someone mentioned empty calories. thats all it is. Fruit, veggies, yogurt, protein, a little carbs they are fine. we joke and call my son the fruit bat cause thats all he wants to eat. plus at this age its SO FREAKING HARD to get them to eat cause they have other better things to do like make messes and play with toys. he will have ups and downs in weight too so next time he might be in the 50% then go back down. totally normal
    cows milk is OK to start introducing as early as 10 months- thats when they start them in Europe! But dont fret if he HATES it. my 16 month old does and he isnt getting any milk, there are other ways- cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, vitamin drops if you get worried.
    You said he gets bored with food, we deal with that one too.. we have tried some pretty unconventional baby food I guess you could say if you run out of ideas let me know!

  15. I just have to say that I love your blog. It's pretty much my favorite, and I love how down to earth and unpretentious you are. Don't beat yourself up about your mothering skills, Wyatt appears to be a happy, healthy baby, and I think you are doing a great job. Chip up baby doll.

  16. Woah I'd be pissed!!! your doctor needs a facepalm to the forhead!! Some kids don't like to eat!! Kingston isn't really even on the charts so what the eff?? You don't suck my dear at all.. seriously I can tell you are the best mom! So Kingston doesn't really care for food I have to strap him down and feed him. I make it fun by doing the "airplane" noises. I know it might sound lame but he loves it! My nephew does NOT eat PERIOD!! He will starve himself for days and he is barely on the charts too. I think all kids go through this and its a phase. My sister gives her son: pediasure (she buys the walmart brand because pediasure can be super expensive)then she gives him nutella and toast (if he doesn't have a lot of teeth you could just spoon it to him)plum tots (seriously the best)pedialight popsicles,all the graduate foods and she makes mashed potatoes for him.

    Seriously you are the best mom though, don't let some dr that sees your kid 5-10 times a year tell you how to raise your child!! :) You are the best!!

  17. first of all, i'm in love with the new header.

    secondly, i have to agree with the general consensus.
    wyatt is doing wonderfully!
    and your doctor has no right to "scold" you.
    seriously? ew.

  18. Yeah, I agree with Kiranda...don't go for empty calories. Try these foods: soft cheese (american, cheddar, sharp cheddar), crackers (goldfish, ritz, etc.), yogurt drops, applesauce, wheat bread, microwaveable Gerber Meals, grapes, bananas, rice, pineapple, cantaloupe, shredded chicken, cereal bars, green beans, baked beans, corn, elbow noodles. These are all things my baby likes. Keep trying new things!

  19. I was tiny and skinny as a baby, I still am tiny, but I am strong! Some babies just are!
    Don't let any flipping doctor curse you out for wanting to follow your baby's needs. Wyatt will know what he wants, most of the times, and otherwise, there you are!! Seriously, he looks so strong and healthy and happy on the pictures!
    Ofcourse, being a little less petite can be could for your boy, but no need to scold, I say.

  20. Charts are for textbooks...period.

    My W is 20 months, and TWENTY-THREE pounds. He's a beanpole, and a picky eater.

    You are right in assuming that he WILL NOT starve to death. Don't let the doctor make you feel inadequate, and scolding? EFF THAT. I would get another doctor that understands baby-led weaning and eating, and someone who can help rather than demean and scold. What an ass.

    For my guy, I try and sneak pasta into everything, whole milk yogurt (which you can cook with too), he LOVES cream cheese on pretty much anything, and cheese in general. You're doing all the right things, don't beat yourself up man. You seem like an attentive, amazing mother don't let one doctor shit all over that. Some babes are just lean, and they like what they like, WHEN they choose to like it.

    Hang in there, and experiment!

  21. Get a different doctor. I can't believe she scolded you when this is so common. My baby's naturopath said to give her fish oil as a healthy fat. I just give it to her like medicine or vitamins and then don't worry about calories. It's a good, natural fat and sometimes I put it on Ash's vegetables. You don't suck.

  22. sometimes it literally takes me an hour to get Camdyn to eat one baby jar of food. He's THAT kid that doesnt eat table food for the most part. He eats jello and pudding...SOMETIMES. this might sound bad..but sometimes I have to hold down both of his hands just so I can get a bite of turkey rice and veggies down him. Its really hard feeding him..and thats on a daily basis. most of the time when he starts crying, i do too. my to try the things you've got pictured above..and hopefully it will help him out. like i said on facebook..i think if he were'd know it, he'd tell you somehow. you're doing a great job with him thus far..dont get down on yourself too hard here!

  23. your pediatricain is rediculous. i ONLY nursed pax for 11 months and he was off the charts on the high end till he turned 1 at which pint he finally fell into the 97% on the charts. wyatt is fine. . .every baby grows at a different rate. relax, he's fine, you're doing fine. . . .take it easy. some babies grow like crazy, some don't, farrah only gained 1lb. from 6 months to a year and there was nothing wrong with her. babies seriously level off by the end of the first year, so seriously, he's fine and i want to kick your dr. in the head for being a biast jerk to you.

  24. I know my mom would add a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream to shane's milk once a day. It doesn't sound like much, but it's loaded with calories and milkfat needed for his brain development. And if you give a baby too much of it, they will throw up. Also, not all babies are perfect. Doctor's have a fit if children are over or under.

  25. #1: get a new doctor.
    #2: so what? you rock.

    besides, all the cool kids are in the 10th percentile.

    (ellie's 6mo. check was today... 10th indeed and healthy as a (very tiny) horse....)

    and if you might be interested in talking sleep routine stuff, email me. we've got it down for now (though i should probably knock on wood) out of sheer necessity. 7pm hits, baby's sleeping (usually til about 12:30 or 1am-- my bedtime) and mom can eat/unwind/surf the net/restore sanity....

  26. Your doctor sucks! ! ! (no offense) My first son is small. He's 6 yrs old, weighs 34 lbs and tall. My mother in law drives me mad sometimes with all her complaining he's small. He's a picky eater and all that but he takes vitamins and gets lots and lots of fluids. His doctor says do not worry and has always said this. First I'm not big and neither is Daddy. I was a whopping 80 lbs when I started high-school (with size C cup). I was frail looking growing up & I was a PIG! As long as your child is getting the basic nutrients (which your boob does give him) he's fine. If he's happy & doing what he is suppose to there is NOTHING wrong with him or you.

    Some doctors say don't worry. Others flip out. Listen, just because half of America is overweight and a good portion of that is children people are shocked when they see a child that isn't. Those new charts go by averages, average America now a days is overweight. I hate when I hear that doctors have said something like this & that they have made a mother feel like she's neglecting.

    As for eating issues, studies show that it takes 10 tries to get an infant/toddler to eat something. Sometimes more. I just always have something for them to bite into if they want it, if not oh well. You can't force a child and if you try it only gets worse.

    -P.S. Love your blog, I'm a new follower.

  27. i had a nurse who made me cry because i was having a hard time nursing my second son (she went into a rant about how it would be irresponsible not to nurse my son, etc) we walked out of that office and my husband looked at me and said, "eff her. let's go buy some formula!"
    i totally agree with what everyone else said! your baby looks perfectly healthy and as long as he is eating and you keep offering him food, he's fine. my oldest son was pretty tiny like that, and he's okay :) don't stress yourself out and you are NOT a bad mom!

  28. You do NOT suck! My daughter will be 12 months in a few weeks and weighs 16 lbs and has gained slowly too. She's also breastfed. Avocado is a super healthy way to get fats into your baby. Also olive oil. Good luck!


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