Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy sunday

I went to church this morning! Yes, I actually went. It was pretty cool. I went with Jose (neighbor/friend from upstairs) and his son Anthony. Wyatt did great with the nursery too, so it's nice to know that he can be away from me for small periods of time.

Anyway, later Wyatt and I ended up going to Q, the bbq place at the town center near my house.

God this post was so boring. I'm sorry guys. 


  1. I had a lazy sunday too. :) And I totally <3 his safari shirt!

  2. I love how you guys look so much alike!!
    Lazy sundays are the best!! :)

  3. I just now noticed how much he looks like you!! I love it! I'm glad to hear church went well and Wyatt did so good in nursery!

  4. sounds like a great sunday. you guys are buds. i'm jealous you are already wearing warm clothing. it's still soooo hot here! ugh.

  5. Boring? Not at all. Great pics - as always. <3


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